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Ministry Report November 2016 – Aid from Germany Arrives

The law will go out from Zion, the word of the LORD from Jerusalem. ( Is 2:3 )

Dear Friends of FZS Ministries,

it is with great joy that we are able to announce that our new website is now up and running. The site is not yet complete and we’re still in the process of many cosmetic touch-ups – we appreciate your patience and bearing with us in this transition! You can also Shop in Zion at our web store for all of your holiday shopping needs and at the same time bless new immigrants!

The Law shall go forth from Zion

The Law shall go forth from Zion

Here at FZS, we continue to bless new immigrants with our clothing distribution outreach from the aid we received from Germany. We are so thankful for these containers that allow us the opportunity of blessing so many in need, both physically and spiritually.

Our next shipment will be coming from a Christian organization in the UK called, International Aid Trust. Please pray for a fruitful shipment of quality clothing and all of the finances needed to cover the shipping and customs fees.

Here are some pictures of the new immigrants we assist at FZS

We also wanted to bring a brief update about Stas who, as you may recall, fell several stories while working in construction and became paralyzed. Stas is now at home trying to recover and adjust to his new reality of being a paraplegic. Recently, we visited Stas and Lior and brought the family some financial blessings. Please continue to pray for Stas’s healing as well as Lior their son and wife Olga for strength and courage!

Visiting Stas and Lior

FZS will be hosting another group of Holocaust Survivors at Haus Schönegg

We will be hosting another group of Holocaust Survivors at Haus Schönegg from December 5-12, 2016 and we are trusting the Lord to open many doors for them to share their testimonies of survival in both schools and churches. This time we have a group of 5 coming to visit. Please pray that our fellowship together would be blessed and for many opportunities to share our faith with them as well.

Frida Grinberg – Born May 23rd, 1933 in Leningrad, escaped during the blockade. During the German occupation, Frida and her family hid under a different name in the Krasnodarskiy district.

Ilia Shamis – Born April 27th, 1933. During World War II, Ilia hid in a cellar in Klin, a suburb of Moscow to survive

Rina Davidovitz – Born August 30th, 1940 in Lithuania. Rina spent the first 3 years of her life in the Kaunas Ghetto, 1941-1944.

Bella Goldshtein – Born July 17th, 1942, was under German occupation in the city of Nal’chik until 1943, hiding in the mountain district of Kolonoka.

Erika Teller – Born September 14th, 1938 in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. Erika and her mother were in the Sered and Terezin concentration camps for 3½ years. Erika’s father was in the Sachenhausen, Oranienburg concentration camps for 3 years. They were the only survivors of their family.

Update from Sierra Leone

Alphajor writes: These are my new friends in Kamakwe Kambia town in a village called Konso. There are many Ebola survivors here in the poorest village in the Kambia district. There is no nearby school and extreme poverty has drained the area where children work on the farm rather than going to school. There is a lack of education awareness. Our mission is to plead with the local village leaders on behalf of the youth, to believe in the power of education. The other thing I found out that is there is no local church in the village. Really, the harvest is ripe but the laborers are so few. I am overjoyed to preach and play with these kids.

Alphajor visiting Ebola survivors at Konso village

Beslan, Russia Outreach Update

This just in from Jason in Beslan…

Grace and peace, dear friends in The Lord and warm greetings from cold Beslan!

Thank you for your many prayers, words of love and encouragement, and support! God is so good, and it’s such a blessing to be here. Thank you for helping touch and bless many lives here, including my own.

Here is a recent picture with my friend, Anna, and her grandmother. Anna survived the terrorist attack as a young girl, along with her younger sister, but their mother was killed. Anna came to the US for surgery after the attack in 2004, and has an artificial eye. She is now a young mom. Her daughter, Ira, was named in honor of her mother who was killed. The Lord blessed me to share in a wonderful visit, and – despite her poor health – Anna’s grandma made a feast! Anna shared a lot, and she shared how she had so many bad memories and nightmares from what she suffered, but that she forgot everything once her first child (Sasha, 3) was born.

Anna’s dad remarried about a year after the attack, and sadly, she and her sister don’t have a good relationship with either him or their stepmother. Even when leaving their home after the visit, Anna insisted on walking with me to see me off and she brought little Ira, too, who is still learning to walk… and they walked quite far with me, especially considering how little Ira is – I was humbled and impressed by the honor Anna chose to show.

It was also surprising because the path we walked goes right by the still-standing school where she was a hostage for three days and also where she lost her mother. I was struck by the thought, that we were walking right next to the war-torn school – I and a girl who was almost killed there; yet, there we were, walking together – along with her little girl, Ira. Evidence that – even next to a place of death, there is survival and life. Please pray for Anna and her family.

Glory be to The Lord our God for the blessing and amazing opportunity to be here, and all praise be unto Him for all that He is doing. Thank you for sharing in touching many lives!

In Jesus’ love,

Thank you for your continued prayers and support to FZS!

Bradley Antolovich,
International Director

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