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FZS War Update from Jerusalem 2024

FZS Continues to Love and Comfort His People
during the Crisis of War with Good Things to Give

“…when you open your hand, they are
satisfied with good things.” Ps. 104:28

Some of the many recent aid shipments received at FZS warehouse in Jerusalem


Dear Friends of For Zion’s Sake Ministries,

Greetings from war weary Israel!

As the IDF continues intense fighting in Gaza, the final Hamas terror battalions are trapped in the remaining strong holds in the southern most part of the Gaza Strip in Rafah. Sadly, just as a complete victory is within reach, the world is demanding Israel to cease fire immediately, claiming that we are guilty of “genocide” by endangering the lives of nearly 1.4 million Palestinians there.

Meanwhile, serious negotiations continue in Paris with Hamas for the release of the 136 remaining hostages. Rumors abound that we are close to an agreement that would include a ceasefire that is extended by 1 day for each hostage released, amounting to a temporary cessation of hostilities lasting approximately 6 weeks. Additionally, the deal entails the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners with approximately 10 Palestinian prisoners exchanged for each Israeli hostage… Please pray for God’s will in this matter!



FZS Sends Aid to IDF

Soldiers sleeping in flooded tents and FZS brining cots and mattresses to Golani forces in Gaza

Aid Flown to Israel with ELAL:

149   Emergency Blankets
114   First Aid Kits
32     Hygiene and Travel Kits
197   C-A-T Combat Application Tourniquets
232   Medical Aprons
200   Rain Suits
19     Tents for 8 people each
262   Nitrile Gloves
11     Belts with Tying Function
357   Field Cots
105   Self-inflating Mats
24     Sleeping Bags
110   Tactical Glasses / Eye Protection
100   Tactical Watches
278   Leatherman Multitool
110   Victorinox Swiss Army Knife/Swiss Tool Spirit X
53     Belt Pouches
48     Adhesive tape
5       Packs of Cable Ties
5       Metal Water Bottles
10     Flashlights

91     Permanent Markers
18     Tipp-Ex Whiteout
100   Powerbars / Protein Bars
20     Packs of Dextro Energy / Jemalt Tabs
594   Thermal Underwear Sets
403   Pairs of Socks
221   Pairs of Mittens and Gloves
249   Thermal headwear
167   Neck Warmers
105   Quick-Drying Towels
84     Underwear
26     Thermal Jackets/Cardigans
73     (Fleece) pants
23     Women’s leggings
38     T-Shirts
9       Shorts
2       Pairs of Boots
56     Packs of Fixation Tape / Self-adhesive Finger Tape
157   Packs of Blister Plasters
50   Packs of Extra Robust Waterproof / 100% Aqua protect plasters

1,000+ Sterile Wound Dressings / Waterproof Wound Dressings / Sports Tape / Self-adhesive Elastic Bandage / GentilTac Soft Silicone Interface Layer / DermaPlast Compress Gel Wound / Israeli Rhino Rescue Bandages / Individually Sealed First Aid Bandages / PretapingUnderwrap Rolls / Wound spray / Fixation bandages

The girls who serve are always thankful for new shirts, underwear, socks and thermals



In the midst of this ongoing conflict, it seems each day brings news of another soldier who has fallen in battle. The total IDF losses since the outbreak of war as of this mailing is 569. Let us also remember the thousands of soldiers that have been wounded, many seriously, and those who are currently suffering from PTSD, who need our continued thoughts and prayers.


Igal and others wounded soldiers need our constant prayers!

Please pray for Igal, a Messianic Believer who was seriously injured in Gaza when his Hummer flipped over while on mission. He immediately prayed to God; “Lord, please don’t let me lose my sight – take away the pain!” Despite the severe bleeding on his head and eyes, Igal can now speak and see again today – a true miracle! There are currently over 400 Believers serving in the IDF  



FZS Clothing Distribution Continues in Jerusalem

There seems to be no end to the needy who continue to seek help at FZS Jerusalem. One thing I’ve learned over the years in helping those less fortunate, is that they try not to show their grief in order to maintain their dignity. It is only when we sit down and hear of their real-life struggles and hardships of starting over in a new country, that we again realize how much suffering many Olim must endure, especially during these times of war and uncertainty.

How grateful we are to be here in the center of Jerusalem to offer some hope and a place of refuge for those seeking comfort! Oftentimes, we see faces who come dejected and seemingly hopeless, leave our distribution center with smiles and the peace of being touched by the care and love they receive here…

Needy Olim who recently came to us for assistance in Jerusalem


FZS Delivers Fresh Sourdough Bread to Holocaust Survivors

One of the blessings of having a bakery as our neighbor is that we often receive bread they are not able sell in order to give to the poor and needy. One of the places we often visit is a senior home for Holocaust Survivors. We have made many friends here and they are so thankful when we bring them fresh bread! We also receive many invitations to visit them in their tiny apartments so we can learn more about their stories of survival. PTL!


FZS Blessing Other Non-Profits

In one of our recent shipments, we received almost 1000 pairs of new children’s Nike shoes. We then contacted “Shalva,” a Jerusalem based organization helping children with special needs from all over Israel. We were able to bless them with 200 pairs of shoes and other new kids clothing. We will certainly be bringing more aid to them as the warmer months are approaching. Here are some pictures they shared with us in gratefulness…


If there is ever a time to pray for Israel it is now! We have been at war for nearly 5 months and Hamas is still holding 136 Israeli hostages. It should also be noted that Israelis are increasingly divided about the political horizon as the rift between the left and right is growing stronger by the day. It is a very serious and dangerous time as left-wing protest rallies numbering in the tens of thousands are spreading, which could lead to civil disobedience and bloodshed amongst fellow Israelis. Please also pray for our northern border’s protection as the situation continues to escalate with Hezbollah.

Thank you very much for being a part of blessing God’s people through our outreach of support, comfort and encouragement, especially in these turbulent times! The Lord is so good and faithful to keep our aid supply lines open and filled with GOOD things to give!

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