Blessing Holocaust Survivors

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FZS Blesses Holocaust Survivors

FZS continues in our efforts to bless and support the Association of Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors in Israel. Recently we participated in the Grand Opening of the new Holocaust Survivor Community Center in Jerusalem, and with your help, we were able to help furnish their new kitchen, bathrooms, offices. FZS works regularly with the Holocaust Survivor association in Jerusalem to personally care for and visit the remaining survivors. The sad reality is that this is the last generation of living witnesses of the atrocities of the Holocaust and they are leaving us quickly…

Every 30 minutes another Holocaust Survivor dies.

We must reach this last generation while we still have time…

At the inauguration of the new Holocaust center in Jerusalem

At the Inauguration of the new Holocaust Center in Jerusalem

FZS sponsoring Holocaust Survivor gathering for all major Biblical Feasts

FZS sponsoring Holocaust Survivor gatherings for all major Biblical Feasts

FZS New Shoe Distribution for Elderly Survivors

Visiting shut-in survivors for encouragement

Visiting Shut-in Survivors for Encouragement

Survivors we have hosted at Haus Schonegg

Some of the many groups of Survivors we have hosted at Haus Schönegg