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FZS in Sierra Leone, Africa

FZS partners with AlphaJor and Miriam Bah who are currently establishing an Ebola recovery center for widows and orphans in Port Loko, Sierra Leone. They have decided to name their ministry, “Believers in Christ Mission Children’s Home”.  There are hundreds of Ebola survivors including many orphans and widows, so it is the goal of BIC Children’s home to help as many as possible.

Sierra Leone mass graveyard

Sierra Leone mass graveyard

The Key objective for the Christian Children’s Home program is to provide a reliable and dependable source of sustenance for the beneficiaries (orphans and widows). The Believers in Christ International has been working in partnership with Partners in Health to identify and document various categories of vulnerable orphans and widows as one of their major activities, as it prepares the Believers in Christ Mission’s for the protection and care for partial and complete orphan children as sustainable protection measures for these children and widows.

The Establishment of a Children’s Home in the Port Loko District for 10 Ebola Orphans and three Caregivers:

  • · Scholarly needs – fees and uniforms, and school materials for primary and secondary school children
  • · Food Aid – The organization upon the establishment of the children’s home will be providing daily feeding for the Ebola orphans and the widows
  • · Clothing –the organization will be also providing the beneficiaries with clothing as protective measures
  • · Restore the lost livelihoods of the widows who will be caregivers with skills training opportunities
  • · Provide discipleship classes in a way to encourage them to draw closer to the ways of the Lord
  • · Provide post Ebola psychological support through counseling, regular health check-ups and prayer sessions

Below are some photos of Alphajor meeting with orphan candidates to live in the new center in Port Loko, Sierra Leone.

Ebola orphans that will be housed in new children's home

Ebola orphans that will be housed in new children’s home

Alphajor comforts a little girl who lost her parents to Ebola

Alphajor comforts a little girl who lost her parents to Ebola