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FZS Morocco Earthquake Relief Outreach

We have just returned from another earthquake outreach in Morocco. Embedded in the mountain region of Marrakesh, we’ve seen thousands of survivors roaming the hillsides in search of food, supplies, medical treatment, and shelter after the devastating earthquake took the lives of nearly 3,000 people 2 weeks ago. Sadly, there is only one treacherously narrow mountain road leading to the secluded communities needing help which is bottlenecked by fleeing families, aid trucks, and falling rocks that make the rescue trek nearly impossible.

Military Helicopter rescue teams have been working around the clock to bring aid and evacuate the dead and wounded which is the only efficient means of transport at the moment.

As an example of the crisis, we met 2 boys who had just walked 30 mountain kilometers to find help for their village that had no outside contact yet. They said many of the 200 people were wounded and 4 people had died, and that they had just come down to the main road to bring back help and food! PTL, we were able to bless them with some funds and supplies…

Bradley with 2 boys from above story with other wounded man

Like most natural disasters, it will take months and even years for these resilient mountain people to recover from this event. We are currently making arrangements for an aid container from Holland to respond, however, the real need is clean up, building materials, and funds for tens of thousands in order to rebuild their lives again. Thank you for your prayers!


Another Aid Container arrives at FZS

We were blessed to receive yet another aid container at our distribution center in Jerusalem 2 weeks ago, including brand-new Nike clothing items! After unloading all the bags and boxes, our staff spent the following days sorting through the aid and then stacking the boxes on the warehouse shelving. Having unloaded containers on numerous occasions over the years, this process accelerates every time with experience. An orderly storage facilitates an organized distribution hall when welcoming the new immigrants and those in need who come to us for aid. After a speedy work week, we were able to restart our distribution last week. The new Olim from all over the world, and now different cities across Israel, come to our distribution center in Jerusalem with thankful hearts, and leave with smiles and blessings!

Blessing many immigrant families with new clothing and bread


FZS Bread Distribution

Blessed to receive more than 100 loaves per day!

Beside our clothing distribution, we also continue to bless anyone who comes to our center hungry and in need of fresh quality sourdough bread, including a variety of white and wholewheat loaves, buns and baguettes. There are now families that come to us regularly just for bread and we provide them enough that they can freeze some to last all week!


Our new industrial freezer to store the excess bread




THANK YOU very much for your faithful prayers and support that helps us to continue to bless the needy and those less fortunate in Israel and around the world!

Bradley Antolovich

International Director

Aid to Israel and the Nations


[email protected]