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FZS Ministries War Miracle Update

The Incredible Miracle That Few Even Noticed

No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper…” Amen! (Isa. 54:17)

We had heard the news reports on Israeli radio that evening that the Iranian attack was imminent and we would have 9 hours to prepare which would bring the rain of UAV drones and missiles to arrive in Jerusalem somewhere between 8:00 and 9:00am on Sunday morning. Initial reports said “dozens” but by bedtime we were told it was in the “hundreds.” I went to sleep that night with prayers of protection and a deep sense that even though this could be really bad, The LORD was with us and HE will be the ROCK of our defense… Perhaps my lack of panic was due to having lived through the first Gulf War here when Sadam H. sent over 39 scud missiles, and then we saw how the LORD protected us then with no one killed or injured, except for one man that experienced a heart attack from stress…

I was awoken from my sleep at approx. 1:45 am by three VERY large explosions that shook the windows of my bedroom and then the Red Alert siren began to blare all over Jerusalem. This was followed by another set of blasts a few seconds later… I thought to myself, “Oh GOD, it has begun!” The evening before, I went down to the basement bomb shelter in our building to see if it was still accessible and in working order in case I needed to hide there. Knowing that’s where I needed to be, I quickly dressed and ran as quickly as I could to the shelter. To my surprise, I met Amit, one of the bakers from the breadshop that shares our building and that’s when we saw many exploding rockets in the sky that looked like a scene from the 4th of July. Amit was also on his way to take cover while on his phone to check the latest Hebrew news.

The Iranian attack lasted about 45 minutes and we now know that over 300 projectiles were launched at us, with no Israeli casualties! More surprisingly, we had an almost 100% interception accuracy by our air defense systems along with our allies’ assistance!

At this point, we need to truly recognise and acknowledge GOD’s hand of protection over us, even as one Israeli scientist concluded…


“Scientific Proof that what happened on April 14th was nothing short of a Miracle” by a Physics Professor who worked in Israel’s Defense Industry

I wanted to share something that is much more than a feeling. Something that comes from a real calculation: What happened in Israel last Sunday was not less than the scale of the parting of the Red Sea!

I am a Professor of physics and I worked for several years in the defense industry in Israel, in projects that are still the cutting edge technologies of the defense of the State of Israel. When I look at what happened on Sunday night on a scientific level – it simply cannot happen!! Statistically. The likelihood that everything, but really Everything works out, does not exist in complex systems like the defense systems that were used to defend Israel from the massive Iranian attack.

These systems have never, but never, not only in the State of Israel, been tried in real time!!

One of the Iranian ballistic missiles shot down over the Dead Sea

I took a pencil and dived into the calculations to check the statistical probability that such a result would materialize. The large number of events that had to be handled, when each missile or UAV is handled independently (that is, human error or some deviation of one operation, is not offset by other successful operations), compounds the chance of making a mistake. With all the high technologies, a breach was expected in the defense of the skies of the State of Israel. Even if we got 90% protection it would have been a miracle!!

Interceptions of Iranian Rockets above the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

What happened is that everyone, but everyone – the pilots, the systems operators and the technology operators acted as one man, at one moment in total unity. If this is not an act of GOD, then I no longer know what a miracle is. It is Greater than the victory of the Six Day War or the War of Independence. Those wars can also be explained through natural events. BUT, the salvation that took place for the people of Israel on Sunday evening is simply impossible naturally. I believe that this miracle saved the lives of many people from Israel.

If the defense system had failed to intercept a number of cruise missiles, the result would have dragged us into a very complex war. I wouldn’t bet that next time it will work like this without Divine supervision. The simple proof of what I said is that the managers of the defense industries, who develop and manufacture these systems guarantee no more than 90% success! And we all saw, with our own eyes 99.9%!!!

Thank You, LORD! “From the day you came out of the land of Egypt I have showed you Wonders.” (Micha 7:15)


As always, our normal clothing distribution continues to operate in full swing, especially with new Nike clothing and shoes donated from Holland. The immigrants are so thankful for all the help they are receiving and now they also have good fresh bread to take home as well. Praise The Lord!

Here are just a few photos of the many that come to us weekly for assistance…

Bringing fresh bread to the Association of Holocaust Survivors’ in Jerusalem

As you can see, the Lord is VERY faithful to not only watch over us, but also to protect us from all of our enemies who want to destroy us…

Thank you also for helping to fill our hands with good things for the people of Israel so they may, “see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven”…


Bradley Antolovich

International Director

Aid to Israel and the Nations

[email protected]