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FZS War Update from Jerusalem



This is just a quick update to let you know that we are very grateful for your prayers and we are all safe and well here at For Zion’s Sake in Jerusalem, PTL! I am sure by now, you have seen the videos of that horrific day from Saturday morning when at 6:00am Hamas launched a well-coordinated attack against the Jewish state. There has not been such a slaughter against the Jewish people since the Holocaust! To date there are more than 1100 people dead, over 2000 wounded, and more 130 people are held hostage including many women and children in the Gaza strip.

There are many tough questions that still need to be answered… HOW? How was it that the Israeli intelligence was caught totally unprepared and surprised ironically on the day of the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur war? WHERE? Where was the IDF after the attacks began when military bases and fighting helicopters where just a few minutes away? WHY? Why did it take the IDF 6 hours to respond when hundreds of people were calling and desperately begging for help, as terrorists went door to door slaughtering residents of the Southern region? These and many more questions must be answered in the days ahead. For now, there are terrorists still roaming freely around the country and people are advised to stay home and shelter in until they are eliminated.


Please Pray! We are calling for a special time of prayer in the days ahead as we try and catch our balance again. We are in very dangerous uncharted territory that could very well lead to an all out regional conflict I suggest using Psalm 83 as an outline for intercession. The Enemy has shown his true, evil, bloodthirsty, venomous hatred for God’s people and WE MUST stand togther in prayer!

Thank you again for your caring thoughts, prayers, and support for us and all Israel! We are asking the Lord just how and what we should do to reach out and comfort so many that are hurting, confused and frightened during this time of crisis. Would you also join with us in prayer for His wisdom in coordinating our practical humanitarian response…

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With love from Jerusalem,

Bradley and our FZS staff

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