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Emergency Appeal for Relief Aid to Israel


 FZS bringing our first aid shipment to an IDF base near Gaza


 An appeal to all Friends of Israel to take action now!

Dear Friends of FZS and Am Israel,
We are currently organizing a container in Europe to send relief aid and wartime supplies to Israel during this ongoing emergency. We ask you to please help us financially to cover shipping costs and the purchase of the much needed and requested items mentioned below to fill the container.

 “I am for peace; But when I speak, they are for war.” – Psalm 120:7

Israel is at war! In an unprecedented mobilization, Israel has had to call up 300,000 reservists into the IDF to keep all our borders guarded in the north, south, west and east. The entire nation is currently on high alert, while still in shock and pain over the massacre of thousands of Israelis perpetrated by Hamas a week ago. There are still 201 hostages in Gaza waiting to be freed. Over 500,000 displaced Israelis had to evacuate from towns and communities by the southern and northern borders, some of whose houses have been burned or destroyed by rockets, leaving them with nothing.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

This crisis has global implications and is not far from our doorsteps. Students and employees at American universities do not feel safe on their own campuses and places of employment, shivering at the chants of pro-terror support groups who continue to spread lies and hate, and incite violence. Members of Jewish communities in Europe are advised by the police to hide their kippas and not show that they are Jews in public while others are taking down their mezuzahs and any other Jewish symbols. Antisemitic hate crimes are being committed all over the world!


Due to the current situation, all stores with military equipment in Israel have been bought empty by the Israeli army. So we turn to you, those who love and pray for Israel, to help us now in a practical way, so that we can buy the urgently needed material in Europe and deliver it in a shipping container to Israel. For Zion’s Sake Ministries will cover the container and shipping costs, we ask you to help us fill the container with the urgently needed supplies. Tourniquets are most needed, to help stop severe bleeding among the injured. Socks and underwear are also in high demand.

 IDF Soldier Ben on the northern border explains what is most needed and for which purpose

 Some of the IDF’s most needed items which we are collecting:

– Tourniquets

– Camouflage Gear

– Boots and Socks

– Thermal Underwear (white and green)

– First Aid Kits

– Leucoplast

– Blister Patches

– Camelback Water Bags

– Cots

– Electrolytes

– Protein Bars

– Leatherman All-Purpose Tool

– Black Duct Tape

– Pocket Knives

– Whiteout

– Black Permanent Markers

– Other Useful (Military) Items

 Locals are already helping gather medical supplies and other items

 First boxes with Warm Sleeping Bags and First Aid Kits being prepared for shipment

Thank you very much for your prayers, help and support! It is our privilege and blessing to be part of the current outpouring of love and unity from everyone in Israel during this vulnerable time of crisis. Toda raba for also sharing in that help! “Am Israel Chai!”


People often ask us from abroad now, “Are you alright?” The truth is…

– “No, we’re not alright. We will not be alright. Our lives have changed forever…’’

Would you please consider a special donation towards filling the IDF aid container we are currently filling to ship to Haifa on November 7th?

Bradley Antolovich

International Director

Aid to Israel and the Nations

[email protected]