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Remember the word that I said to you,’ A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. (Jn 15:20)

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the Muslim Brotherhood has blamed the Coptic Christian community for Morsi’s ouster, which they believe “openly and secretly led the process of opposition to the Islamic stream and this stream’s rise to power,” an article on the Muslim Brotherhood’s website recently stated.

Four Coptic Christians have been killed in the Luxor area since Morsi’s ouster, and churches have been destroyed, including one recently in a village near the central Egyptian city of Minya. A Coptic Christian man was decapitated last week after being kidnapped in the Sinai Peninsula, and a Coptic priest was shot to death in the same region a week earlier, Middle East.

“Reliable reports indicate that there are Copts living in fear and urgently needing protection, People of good will must impress upon Egypt’s leaders that every effort needs to be made to end the targeting of Copts.”

“The reported lack of security around Coptic churches is especially troubling, sending a message of communal vulnerability,” How the Coptic minority is treated will be a key indicator of the course Egypt takes in its historic struggle for democratic stability.”

Naguib Gabriel, a Coptic Christian and head of the Egyptian Federation of Human Rights, called the religious violence in Egypt “ethnic cleansing and organized slaughter.”…


Scriptural references regarding Egypt can seem a bit contradictory as most refer to Egypt in negative terms, alluding to bondage and idolatry, while others foretell a national revival and times of restoration. Egypt is also mentioned more times in scripture than any other nation, second only to Israel who also was warned of impending judgment while promised national restoration.

In fact, in Isaiah 19 God refers to Egypt as “My people” and Israel “My inheritance.” Therefore, we need to consider current events in Egypt in light of these scriptures and be moved to a place of prayer for those whom God called His people.


In 2011, when the so called “Arab Spring” began, we followed closely as Egypt’s young people began a peaceful, non-violent protest resulting in the fall of the Mubarak regime. The demonstrators were seeking progress, jobs, and opportunity as found in western countries.

Unfortunately, the opposition was not politically organized and, when it came time for elections, the only party that could step into the void and win the elections was the Muslim Brotherhood. One year later, the people of Egypt realized that President Morsi was a far worse dictator than Mubarak had been. Islamist ideology was guiding the country and the government was going bankrupt with no way to import bread and food. A country of 80 million was about to descend into chaos.

They were able to collect the signatures of an astounding 20 million people calling for the removal of President Morsi and then organized a public demonstration of upwards to 30 million people. The military, led by General Sisi who had been appointed by President Morsi himself, responded to the people’s demands by removing President Morsi from power.

While clueless western leaders, including some U.S. officials, denounced it as a military coup, General Sisi appointed civilian Adly Mansour, a Supreme Constitutional Court Justice, as Interim President and respected economist, Dr. Hazem Beblawi as Prime Minister. He then asked the people to come back onto the streets to show America and the West their support for a military crackdown on the terror and crime that was plaguing Egypt at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and various jihadist factions.

It is estimated that as many as 40 million people, the largest demonstration in history, may have come onto the streets this time to show their support for the military’s actions.

And yet, some US officials are threatening to cut off aid to Egypt if they do not release the Muslim Brotherhood from jail and bring them back into the government. President Obama suspended shipment of four F-16s last month and Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have threatened to cut-off financial aid as well.


One cannot begin to describe the disappointment and confusion felt by the people of Egypt. Egypt is a key American ally now turning to Russia and China for help when another ally, Israel, desperately needs a stable, pro-American Egypt for her own security.

Moreover, Egypt has already been experiencing revival, so the people’s heartfelt cry for help could be the beginning of a revival so huge it could sweep across the entire Arab world. Egypt needs our prayers at this critical time!

Roughly ten percent of Egyptians are Christian. They are now being used as scape goats and are accused of conspiring with the “Zionists” to bring about the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood. As a result, their churches are being burned – there are reports that over 20 have been burned this week – and the black flag of Al-Qaeda has victoriously been flown over several of them. The Christians are too afraid to leave their homes in some areas.

Until the US stops pressuring the government, and allows them to crack down on the Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers who are creating lawlessness and chaos in the streets, the Christians will continue to suffer and greatly need our immediate prayers.

For Zion’s Sake,
Susan M. Michael ICEJ


Israel urges US and Europe to back Egypt’s military

Jerusalem launching campaign to urge Europe, United States to support military-backed government in Egypt, New York Times reports. ‘What’s the alternative? it’s army or anarchy,’ says Israeli official.

Israel is planning to intensify its diplomatic campaign urging Europe and the United States to support the military-backed government in Egypt, a senior Israeli official involved in the effort told the New York Times Sunday.

According to the official, Israeli ambassadors in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels and other capitals would lobby foreign ministers. At the same time, leaders here will press the case with diplomats from abroad that the military is the only hope to prevent further chaos in Cairo.

A representatives of the Christian Churches in Egypt have drawn up a list of the desecrated Christian sites.

Catholic churches and convents

  • 1. Franciscan church and school (road 23) – burned (Suez)
  • 2. Monastery of the Holy Shepherd and hospital – burned (Suez)
  • 3. Church of the Good Shepherd, Monastery of the Good Shepherd – burned in molotov attack (Asuit)
  • 4. Coptic Catholic Church of St. George – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
  • 5. Church of the Jesuits – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
  • 6. Fatima Basilica – attacked – Heliopolis
  • 7. Coptic Catholic Church of St. Mark – burned (Minya – Upper Egypt)
  • 8. Franciscan convent (Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary) – burned (Beni Suef, Upper Egypt)
  • 9. Church of St. Teresa – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
  • 10. Franciscan Church and School – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
  • 11. Convent of St Joseph and school – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
  • 12. Coptic Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart – torched (Minya, Upper Egypt)
  • 13 Convent of the Sisters of Saint Mary – attacked (Cairo)
  • 14. School of the Holy Shepherd – attacked (Minya, Upper Egypt)Orthodox and Evangelical Churches
  • 1. Anglican Church of St. Saviour – burned (Suez)
  • 2. Evangelical Church of St Michael – surrounded and sacked (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
  • 3. Coptic Orthodox Church of St. George – Burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
  • 4. Church of Al-Esla – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
  •  5. Adventist Church – burned, the pastor and his wife abducted (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
  •  6. Church of the Apostles – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
  •  7. Church of the Holy renewal – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
  • 8. Diocesan Centre Coptic Orthodox Qusiya – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
  • 9. Church of St. George – burned (Arish, North Egypt)
  • 10. Church of St. George in al-Wasta – burned (Beni Suef, Upper Egypt)
  • 11. Church of the Virgin Mary – attacked (Maadi, Cairo)
  • 12. Church of the Virgin Mary – attacked (Mostorod, Cairo)
  • 13. Coptic Orthodox Church of St. George – attacked (Helwan, Cairo)
  • 14. Church of ​​St. Mary of El Naziah – burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
  • 15. Church of Santa Damiana – sacked and burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
  • 16. Church of St. Theodore – burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
  • 17. Evangelical Church of al-Zorby – Sacked and destroyed (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
  • 18. Church of St. Joseph – burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
  • 19. Franciscan School – burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
  • 20. Coptic Orthodox Diocesan Center of St. Paul – burned (Gharbiya, Delta)
  • 21. Coptic Orthodox Church of St. Anthony – burned (Giza)
  • 22. Coptic Church of St. George – burned (Atfeeh, Giza)
  • 23. Church of the Virgin Mary and father Abraham – burned (Delga, Deir Mawas, Minya, Upper Egypt)
  • 24. Church of St. Mina Abu Hilal Kebly – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
  • 25. Baptist Church in Beni Mazar – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
  • 26. Church of Amir Tawadros – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
  • 27. Evangelical Church – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
  • 28. Church of Anba Moussa al-Aswad- burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
  • 29. Church of the Apostles – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
  • 30. Church of St Mary – arson attempt (Qena, Upper Egypt)
  • 31. Coptic Church of St. George – burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)
  • 32. Church of Santa Damiana – Attacked and burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)
  • 33. Church of the Virgin Mary – burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)
  • 34. Church of St. Mark and community center – burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)
  • 35. Church of Anba Abram – destroyed and burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt) Christian institutions
  • 1. House of Fr. Angelos (pastor of the church of the Virgin Mary and Father Abraham) – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
  • 2. Properties and shops of Christians – Burnt (Arish, North Egypt)
  • 3. 17 Christian homes attacked and looted (Minya, Upper Egypt)
  • 4. Christian homes – Attach (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
  • 5. Offices of the Evangelical Foundation – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
  • 6. Stores, pharmacies, hotels owned by Christians – attacked and looted (Luxor, Upper Egypt)
  • 7. Library of the Bible Society – burned (Cairo)
  • 8. Bible Society – burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
  • 9. Bible Society- burned (Asuit, North Egypt).

Bereaved Families Send Open Letter to US Secretary of State Kerry

Bereaved Families for Peace and Justice, an Israel-based grass-roots group opposed to the release of convicted terrorists and murderers from the Israeli prisons where they are serving often-lengthy terms for appalling crimes, recently delivered a letter to the office of US Secretary of State John Kerry. It calls upon him to meet with representatives of the group as soon as possible, and to hear why such releases contradict the peace process.

All of the group’s members are bereaved parents, siblings and children of Israelis murdered by Palestinian Arab terrorists who were subsequently imprisoned in Israel and then released. The group’s letter, attached now, expresses rejection of the diplomatic and political pressure applied to Israel into freeing so-called pre-Oslo convicted terrorists.

Statement on behalf of
Bereaved Families for Peace and Justice
Jerusalem | Tel Aviv | Haifa
[email protected]

Dear Secretary of State Kerry:

You have encouraged the government of Israel to free more than a hundred convicted terrorists, almost all of them killers, starting this week. We, the undersigned, are Israelis who lost loved ones to actions like those for which the terrorists were convicted and sentenced. The decision to free them is a tragic mistake. Justice and good sense say it should be reversed.

The terrorists, guilty of acts of savagery, are emerging into freedom proud and erect. Instead of telling them to go quietly home to make peaceful lives while thanking their lucky stars, their leaders, principally the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas, exalts them as heroes. It asks the world’s nations to do the same. The spilled blood of innocent Jewish and Arab civilians is offered to the Arab street as proof of valor and courage. This is a sick perversion of reality.

The arguments against releasing terrorists are many. In terms of security, terrorists often go back to terror. This is especially so when their society proclaims their freedom as vindication for their deeds, as the Abbas PA is doing today. Their freedom and the celebrations that attend it also serve as a form of incitement to future terror, as all who wish harm on Israel observe that the Jewish state is willing to release the murderers of its children for a few moments of positive media coverage. Some 180 Israelis have been murdered by terrorists who were released in previous rounds of “goodwill” gestures. Then there is the law. If courts pronounce sentence on murderers, and the politicians release them long before those sentences have been served, the judicial system is undermined. Since law and justice are at the heart of every democratic society, democracy is endangered.

One of them is Majdi Amro, sentenced to 17 life terms for his part in a Haifa bus bombing that ended the lives of seventeen people, most of them high school students. He is the murderer of the teenage children of several signatories to this letter. Amro says to the camera: “I am not worried! I will not be in jail for long. I will be out shortly and will go back to killing Jews.” And indeed he walked free two years ago, despite those multiple life terms. A decision by a previous Netanyahu government, calculated to secure the freedom of Gilad Shalit, an Israeli hostage of the Hamas terrorists, ensured that.

Another film produced inside a prison shows another convicted Palestinian Arab terrorist, Ahlam Tamimi, sentenced to 16 life terms for murder and terrorism, saying: “I’m not sorry for what I did. We’ll become free from the occupation and then I will be free from prison.” When it was her turn to be freed in that same Shalit deal, she said about the people she killed: “I had hoped for a larger toll.” She murdered the daughters of signatories to this letter too. From her home in Jordan, she is now a television celebrity throughout the Arabic-speaking world, the object of open adulation. Her message is: the killings were justified, punishment in Israeli prisons is temporary and bearable, terrorism works.

We are left with many questions and few answers. The deep pain within us expresses not only our private grief but the expectation of more unbearable losses in the future that will threaten our society and grimly enlarge the ranks of those like us – families who have lost our children, parents, aunts, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers to Palestinian murderers.

We say to you, as US Secretary of State, and to your colleagues in the Obama administration: you will not find ordinary citizens anywhere, and certainly not in Israel, who are more convinced of the need for painful compromise and of bilateral concessions in the pursuit of peace than we are. We have paid an unbearably high price for this generations-long conflict. We know it must end. But the process of making it end cannot be built on a foundation of glorifying the bombers of restaurants and of buses and those who sent them. To think otherwise is to admit a fatal flaw to the plan to bring an end to the hatred.

Meet with us. Let us explain why being complicit in turning the killers of our children and parents into heroes and ‘freedom fighters’ must not be part of any policy befitting a great nation and moral exemplar like the United States. It is not too late. We ask you to make time to meet with a small group of us when you come back to this area in the coming days. We urge you to re-connect with the human dimension of the process you have started.

Signed on behalf of Bereaved Parents for Peace and Justice

Moshe Bartov Son of Frida (a Holocaust survivor) and Alter Britvitz, murdered by terrorists
Cyril Feinberg Father of Ian (30), murdered by terrorists
Estelle Feinberg Mother of Ian (30), murdered by terrorists
Estie Firstater Mother of Smadar (16), murdered by terrorists
Ron Kehrmann Father of Tal (18), murdered by terrorists
Doron Menchel Father of Danielle (22), murdered by terrorists
Hagit Mendellevich Mother of Yuval (13), murdered by terrorists
Yossi Mendellevich Father of Yuval (13), murdered by terrorists
Dr Gila Molcho Sister of Ian (30), murdered by terrorists
Shula Oved Mother of Be’eri (21), murdered by terrorists
Zamir Oved Father of Be’eri (21), murdered by terrorists
Avivah Raziel Mother of Michal (16), murdered by terrorists
Arnold Roth Father of Malki (15), murdered by terrorists
Frimet Roth Mother of Malki (15), murdered by terrorists
Galit Shtayer Daughter of Ruth and Zeev Almog, sister of Moshik, aunt of Tomer, mother of Asaf, all murdered by terrorists
Ofer Shtayer Son-in-law of Ruth and Zeev Almog, brother-in-law of Moshik, uncle of Tomer, father of Asaf, all murdered by terrorists
Leah Zur Mother of Asaf (17), murdered by terrorists
Yossi Zur Father of Asaf (17), murdered by terrorists

U.S. citizens are urged to email the Secretary of State with their opinions about this travesty. This link provides an email contact form as well as a switchboard phone number:


Edith, Daphne, Dahlia, Helen, and two boys: Max and Adam (who is blind) with mama

We meet Irina R. just a few weeks ago after she came to us for help because she is struggling to raise her 6 children as a single mother with very little income. Irina herself is on disability being a diabetic and doctors have also recommended that she have surgery for a hip replacement.

Praise the Lord that in spite of all of the difficulties Irina has to endure, she has given her heart to the Lord and she and her children have become believers in Yeshua.

We are blessed to be able to assist Irina with food coupons, furniture, clothing, diapers, and school supplies and most of all love and spiritual encouragement.

Here are just a few of the faces of those we bless each week at our warehouse during our clothing distribution times…

Thank you for caring for and helping the lost and needy souls in Israel with us!

Bradley Antolovich - For Zion's Sake

Bradley Antolovich
International Director

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