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Passover In Jerusalem

Passover 2011 In Jerusalem

Passover is here again the holiday of freedom is here and we are celebrating it here in Jerusalem.

Like every year we invite new immigrants and people from our small fellowship here at FZS to come and enjoy the feast for some of them for the very first time.

We hosted 35 people here for the Seder dinner though many more wanted to come we just couldn’t accommodate them all, even so we did have 3 families for whom it was the first Passover ever especially in Jerusalem.

We had a lovely time here and it was also an opportunity to say goodbye to a very special family The Hemingway’s they were serving Him faithfully in Israel for almost a year and they were a great help to us here at FZS.

Erik a contractor from the US built a new office for us in the warehouse and a small apartment above it for volunteers to stay he was also a great teacher and a friend and we are truly blessed have to met him and his family and you can read about their travels at

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