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Rejoice in the Lord Always!

Love letters from Ukrainian orphans

“Rejoice in the Lord Always and again I say, Rejoice…” (Philp. 4:4)

Shalom, dear Friends of For Zion’s Sake Ministries!

We certainly do have reason to rejoice, not only in the fact of His great unfailing love and goodness towards us but also because of the flood of new immigrants and refugees that have been visiting our distribution center from all over Israel. This week we received a call from a family who had just arrived from Ukraine via Moldova asking if they could come for clothing. When we inquired as to their date of arrival in the Land, their response was, “Today”! Word travels fast and our reputation seems to precede us. Aside from new immigrants from the FSU, we also welcomed new immigrants from Argentina, Brazil, Ethiopia, Iran and Europe this month…

One of the reasons that people hear about us so quickly is because of the new clothing that we offer at our distribution center. With brand names, such as: Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfinger, Oakley, Stüssy, UNIQLO, H&M, and Calvin Klein, people claim that they can’t find the kind of clothing we have anywhere in Israel, and of course they are so thankful for the good quality.

Love letters from Ukrainian orphans

Blessed to give new clothing from Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfinger, Oakley, Stussy, UNIQLO, H&M, Calvin Klein and other brand-names!

Every person feels welcomed and at peace while they are with us. Countless new immigrants mention how they love coming to our distribution center, simply because of the “peaceful atmosphere” which is so unusual for them in the business of Israel’s fast pace, and sometimes even aggressive lifestyle.

As one of the young ladies who traveled from Tel Aviv entered our facility, she mentioned, “I found such a beautiful coat here last-time – I felt like I was in Paris!” She kept repeating to us, how she always leaves our center blessed and in good spirits.

Others continuously exclaim: “All the clothes I wear are all from your distribution center! I don’t know what I would do without your ministry!” It is an immense financial blessing for these Olim who were only able to bring a few bags when they immigrated or for the Ukrainian refugees who were forced to flee with so little of their personal belongings.


Olim and Ukrainian refugees at FZS Distribution Center in Jerusalem!

love-letters-to-yael-from-ukranian-orphans love-letters-to-yael-from-ukranian-orphans

Holocaust Survivors


Joining Holocaust Survivors in a day of celebration in Jerusalem

Last week, we were invited to an gathering of Holocaust Survivors, for fellowship, singing and dancing to Yiddish and Hebrew songs for a day of celebration. The numbers of Survivors have drastically dropped in recent years and organizations which used to have hundreds of Survivors are now down to less than 50. Our time with the last living witnesses is fading… This makes each and every encounter with them all the more precious! We have grown to know and love many of them intimately over the years. As we were leaving, Misha’s eyes started to fill with tears and he stated: “Since I have met you in December 2011, you taught me to pray, and not a day has gone by without me saying a prayer!”


Yael visiting Survivors, Alexander and Anya

We also had the opportunity to visit with Alexander V. and his family, who’s son works at our distribution center here in Jerusalem. We asked what is the current greatest need of Survivors, and he sighed and replied: “Health and time… and you can’t get any of that back…”


Visiting Holocaust Survivos in Jerusalem

This past Sunday we were invited as honored guests to spend a morning with some of those over 50 Holocaust Survivors who we have welcomed for a week of rest/retreat in Switzerland since 2010. Some of the Survivors are no longer with us, and others could not join due to their declining health. Bella shared from her detailed diary she kept during her week’s stay in 2012 – exactly 10 years ago!


Bella’s Thank-you Letter

So many words of gratitude, admiration and love were spoken that morning – it was a true privilege to see everyone who came, reminisce and share joy together!

We once again were reminded of the importance to carry the fire of the last living witnesses of the Holocaust for all future generation – lest we may we never forget; THEM!


Update from Myanmar

Dear Bradley,

I hope and pray that you are well with all your family and at For Zion’s Sake.

As for us, we are so thankful for His protection and provisions until today in a time of many troubles in Myanmar. We can still continue not only our regular ministry but can also stand with the real needy people in the ministry. Life in Myanmar has become very difficult. The prices of gas, vegetables and food have doubled. This is beyond what the people can afford. People have to stand in long lines in order to buy even some cooking oil. Meanwhile many people are dying in battles almost daily. Many are in need of relocation. They have to flee away from their homes to the forest.


FZS Helping feed Christains fleeing war in Myanmar

Today we could send out some relief help to two areas including Mindat as Andrew called and asked for help because most of the people in their village and surrounding areas are in desperate need of food supplies since the road has been blocked for a long time. He said this is the best time to bring rice there and other supplies needed because the military moved to another place in the meantime and the motorbike road is currently open. But they don’t know when the military will be back. We also sent some help to Pastor Dilise and the relief camp Kaya State. They too all fled to the forest. However in the relief camp, they could spend more time for worship, prayer, and Bible study.

Even in Yangon, we need to distribute rice, salt, cooking oil and beans again to the mission fields of Salaphan, Khuasik, Sumpi, Sawminlwin, James Luahbik and to our neighbors. To all these, we don’t distribute anymore all at once, rather we distribute according to the needs. And as our focus is not just to meet their physical needs but to let them know the love and goodness of God, we always make a follow-up program. But we need to be careful because some Christian leaders have been arrested because of their neighbors’ false accusations.

Great is the privilege that we have! 9 of our children joined Elpis Education Academy which is a Christian school that has recently opened for those who can not join school because of covid and war. 3 older children joined all subjects and 13 Bible students under our leadership can continue their study at the Biblical School of Theology where I am a part-time Bible teacher.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone whom you reach out to and everyone who is involved in helping the suffering people of Myanmar!

May the Lord richly bless you!



The harvest is ready, the laborers are few!

Finally, we have great reason to rejoice because of our faithful friends like you who love and support this outreach of love to the Jewish people whom God is bringing home in these last days… Thank you very much for faithfully standing with us as we stand with Israel in Yeshua’s name!

May the Lord Bless you and your loved ones likewise!

Bradley Antolovich


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