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On the ground in Central Philippines

On the ground in Central Philippines

“HELP US” was the cry of so many displaced Filipinos after Typhoon Yolanda wrecked devastating havoc upon the lives of thousands… and our heart’s responded, “ Here am I, send Me”

It is Thursday, Nov. 14 and our FZS relief team has already arrived in Cebu flying in from Europe, America and the Philippines to offer help in any way we can. We were graciously welcomed by pastor Bong and family who oversee a local Calvary Chapel here and fortunately they had already began preparations logistically by providing us with plenty of contacts and the necessary information which will direct our relief effort in the days ahead.

We have decided that Taclaban, the most hard hit city by the typhoon was already receiving most of the aid sent through the international community. Therefore we will instead focus our distribution efforts within the believing community, especially after we were informed of an evangelical church in the Northern part of the Island where the building was completely flattened by the typhoon and most of the 200 congregants have lost their homes. We are already in touch with the pastor of this fellowship and we will be making our first aid delivery tomorrow. Finally, we have also been given the opportunity to visit by boat the inhabitants of several remote islands which still remain without contact since the terrible storm hit one week ago. Please keep all of these plans in your prayers!

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Philippines flagReuters reports that Desperation has gripped the Philippine islands as looting turned deadly on Wednesday and survivors panicked over shortages of food, water and medicine, some digging up underground water pipes and smashing them open. Anger and frustration boiled over as essential supplies dwindled. Some survivors scrawled signs reading “Help us”.

One thing is clear, the needs are staggering and here in Cebu, which has become the hub for all International Humanitarian distribution, the end of these relief missions are nowhere in sight. And for thousands of people, a bag of rice and a bottle of water could still mean the difference between life and death…

PLEASE, Would you also join with us in giving a special donation marked for the FZS Philippines Relief Fund to help us feed the hungry in Jesus name?

Thank you for your much needed prayers and support

Bradley Antolovich - For Zion's Sake

Bradley Antolovich
International Director