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Ministry Report Summer 2018 Update

Let the little children come unto me… (Matt 19:14)

Shalom dear friends of FZS,

It’s been a busy time for us here at FZS, with our global mission in full swing and our ministry outreach center in Jerusalem being continually depleted of aid and then replenished by God’s grace! On another note, we have experienced a rather significant drop in financial support over the last several years and this trend is sadly continuing into the 3rd quarter of 2018. May I make a gentle reminder that we really need your continued support and participation for our daily operations in Jerusalem and around the world in Blessing God’s people… Thank you so very much!

We wanted to bring to your attention a very special little 7-year-old girl, Yulia who came to us in need as she has been diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. Yulia’s mother, Vitalina was very desperate for financial assistance and in order to continue Yulia’s chemotherapy treatments she came to FZS seeking help. This mother and daughter came to Israel not as immigrants, as they are not Jewish, but rather for medical treatment to help save Yulia’s life as a last hope situation. They arrived in Israel with practically only the clothes they were wearing from Ukraine however they first had to borrow $15,000 (a very large sum in Ukraine) from family members and friends to help with the initial expenses. Of course, we responded with practical help, finances, food, clothing and also with the spiritual support they needed. Through prayers, fellowship and visitations they both have become part of our FZS family.

Below is a letter of appeal Yulia’s mother wrote in hopes to raise more funding needed for future bone marrow treatment. With the help of FZS, Vitalina has raised over $11,000 of the $15,000 need for the next course of chemotherapy. Of course, much more funding will be needed to help save Yulia’s life. Perhaps if we all pray and do a little bit we will witness a miracle in this little girls’ life!

On July 24th, 2017 Yulia had a fever and after a series of tests, the doctors discovered a 4-inch tumor in her left lung. She underwent a course of radiation therapy after which the top portion of her left lung, as well as a rib, were removed.

In January 2018, a CT/PET scan showed another tumor in the left lung, as well as metastases in the skeletal bones. The tumor was identified as Ewing’s Sarcoma. They were unable to treat her at the Ukrainian hospital and so, on February 25th we came to Israel in order to receive treatment at Hadasa Ein Karem hospital in Jerusalem. Yulia is a brave girl. We are asking you for your help in saving Yulia’s life!

Yulia, aged 7 diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma

Yulia’s medical bills could reach as high as $150,000

FZS warehouse distribution continues…

PTL, another shipping container has arrived in Israel from Global Aid Network (GAiN) Holland filled with clothing for our distribution center earmarked for needy immigrants. The container is still waiting for port authority clearance in Haifa and should be on its way to us later this month…

We also wanted to send you a brief update on our recent activities in blessings the Jewish people with Yeshua’s love through giving humanitarian aid. We are equally blessed to be able to meet many young immigrants during the clothing distributions at our FZS warehouse in Jerusalem. Below are a few of the many people who come to us for assistance which is a direct result of your support for our ministry…

On behalf of the needy Israelis we help and ourselves likewise, THANK YOU very much!!!

Also some sad news…

Our beloved Margrit R., a volunteer from Switzerland, who has been with us for over a year was denied entry into Israel as she landed at Ben Gurion airport 2 weeks ago. Margrit was detained overnight by security and placed on a flight back to Switzerland the next day. The reason for her arrest was not clearly given but discerning readers will understand… Even though she suffered a traumatic experience, Margrit’s heart is to continue to serve the Jewish people, especially Holocaust Survivors with FZS in Europe.

Margrit, was and is a tremendous blessing to both the FZS staff and the immigrants she helped as she served faithfully at our FSZ warehouse in Jerusalem! Margrit would also teach the children at our fellowship and carried many other responsibilities in our organization.

Please pray for Margrit as she resettles back home and seeks God’s will for the next step in her walk of faith…

Haus Schönegg, Switzerland

We recently hosted another group of Holocaust Survivors for a week at Haus Schönegg. We had survivors from Israel, Holland, Germany and Switzerland staying together for a blessed time of fellowship and dialog. The highlight of the week was a remembrance conference we organized with over 250 people in attendance. Many hearts were visibly touched and there was that sense of awe as we realized these are the last living witnesses of the Shoah (Holocaust in Hebrew). I was also blessed to share many scriptures with them and although only 1 of the 7 was a believer in Yeshua, they were all open to hear the Word and discuss His life and teachings!

Hosting Holocaust Survivors from 4 different countries

The survivors all sensed the importance of sharing their stories as, unfortunately, anti-Semitism is once again on the rise globally. The sad reality is that every 30 minutes another survivor dies so in just a few more years there will be no more survivors left…

FZS Holocaust week was published in Israel’s largest Russian newspaper

Bait haYeshua Drug Rehab center at FZS

Ministering to the outcasts of Israeli society

According to the words of Yeshua we need to go. “…Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in here the poor, and the maimed, and the lame, and the blind… Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” (Luke 14:21-23). Beit haYeshua invites needy people to come to the outreach and rehab centers.

Seeking the lost on the streets at night

We yearn to see the house of the Lord be filled and are praying that God will send us new people. Some come straight from the streets while others have been living in apartments alone or with family members who have been suffering as well. On one side Andrei, Ilya, Joseph, Sasha and three men called Sergei share the men’s dormitory. Yanna, Sasha’s wife, resides on the women’s side. This couple are fairly new immigrants from Ukraine where they were already serving the Lord but then fell back to drug abuse when trying to adjust to life in Israel. Many new immigrants find it very hard to integrate to the society. Most of all we need the Spirit of repentance to work in the hearts of the people; to convince them of their sins and to show them the mercy of our Lord. Yeshua didn’t merely come to help people get out of the drug or alcohol addictions, but to solve the core problem – our separation from God and all its consequences.

Fellowship meeting at the outreach center

We want to remind you that you are a very precious part of this ministry with your love, encouraging words and prayers. “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” (James 5:16)

Oleg Vilinsky
Pastor, Director Of Beit HaYeshua

Sierra Leone, Africa

Hello Bradley! Thank you for your support! I went to Port Loko to fulfill the joy of the Lord. We distributed assorted food items such as rice, onions, soup mix and salt to the orphans in this crucial time of our beloved country Sierra Leone.

Alphajor distributes food to orphans in Port Loko

We have discovered many challenges on this trip, for example no water for the children in the village of Rothangber. This is one of the worst deprived villages of post-Ebola recovery programs which no orphan child benefited from under the government of Sierra Leone. Thank you to your ministry at For Zion’s Sake and Under Standing The Times which tremendously help these people. Our mission is supporting the needy in terms of food. Children walk close to 6 miles to fetch water which makes them perform poorly in their education, so we are trusting God to build hand-dug wells in this village.

We also decided to spend every weekend in Port Loko to monitor the children’s activities and guide them through their spiritual walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. We are going to rent an apartment in Port Loko as soon as possible.

We are also trying to deepen our knowledge. Mariam has enrolled in the University of Sierra Leone for a Master’s in Public Policy. I myself am waiting to take an entrance exam to gain admission to the same university.

Thank you for your support for this quarter. I just received your email and receipt of payment into our account.

This quarter we will concentrate on the following programs:

* Rent in Port Loko

* Feeding Programs

* Follow ups and outreaches in nearby villages


Alphajor and Mariam

Believers In Christ Mission International

Myanmar Update

Greetings from all the believers at Myanmar Bryce Homes!

We praise God for His wonderful work here as seen in the lives of the children through the ministry of Bryce Homes’ program. Many of the children here were drugs addicts. The leaders of Bryce Homes are all committed to building up the lives of those wayward and perishing souls firstly in a way they can approach and evangelism, and secondly taking care of their needs at home. The leaders’ hard work in the ministry bears fruit spiritually as we also see the changes in character.

All Bryce Home leaders are presently busy with the school admission and buying educational material as school started in June for every student under grade 10.

We pray for God’s leading hands upon us all as it has been put on our hearts to build up His children, especially those who are in desperate need.

Yours in Him,


Outreach in Beslan, Russia

Jason has just returned from Beslan but his heart and music is still there…
Glory and thanks be unto our Great God! He enabled me to finish this new recording, and please pray that He will touch many hearts as this song has already been placed online to speak to many from Beslan. The song is in Russian, and is taken from Psalm 136 – the chorus declares how His lovingkindness is forever. Lord willing, I hope to have an English version in the near future as well, that it might be a blessing to your heart. If you know anyone that is from Russia, or anyone that speaks or is studying Russian, feel free to share the link: Click Here

Special request from Nepal

Hello, Namaste!
I am Radhika Sapkota sister of Ima Sharma. I have been working on a remote village 20 hours by bus from Kathmandu. After I came here I realized the need of menstrual hygiene. So many girls and women use ragged old clothes as pads. They are not allowed to cook. They feel shy to talk about reproductive problems. So after I talked to them, I shared my ideas of giving them knowledge about their hygiene. Our team decided to get involved and help. I have sent you our plan of the program and humbly request you to send us financial assistance for this project.

With best regards,


(If anyone is interested to help or see the detailed budget and report, please write [email protected])

Many girls face infections and reproductive complications from the lack of menstrual hygiene

Unclean toilet facilities in Nepal

As we look forward to the many opportunities for serving the Lord this summer, how grateful we are to you who have stood with us in prayer and support to FZS! May we continue working together to care for the lost sheep in Israel and to those who are scattered the ends of the earth…

Thank you very much once again for standing with us!

Bradley Antolovich,
International Director