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Ministry Report October 2021 – The Bread of Life

The Bread of Life לֶחֶם הַחַיִּים

And Yeshua said unto them, “I am the Bread of Life. He that cometh to Me shall never hunger, and he that believeth in Me shall never thirst.” (John 6:35)

What an amazing scripture to read of the Master’s invitation to be fed by the Lord Himself, declaring that we can partake of Him and never hunger or thirst again! It must be true that he satisfies our never-ending urge to eat with His own eternal presence in our lives. For as it is written in just 2 verses previous in John 6:33: “For the bread of God is He that cometh down from Heaven, and giveth life unto the world.” One of man’s most basic instinct of self-preservation is eating bread and drinking water in order to live. However, Yeshua alone is the only one who can truly offer Eternal Life through faith in Him and the fished work of our Redemption at the cross where he hung in Jerusalem and shed His own Blood to save us from our sins. He is the true Bread of Life!

Several years ago, we made the decision to rent out part of our property in order to help us become more self- sustainable at For Zion’s Sake Ministries. We were so blessed when a bakery named, “Finegold Bread” decided not only rent our place but also invest greatly in the property by bring in state of the art, professional baking equipment, walk in refrigerators, freezers and other backing machines. Soon they were open for business and selling their artesian sour dough bread and bagels to restaurants, hotels and the general the public.

However last month, the owner contacted me and said that because of family issues, they are forced to sell the bakery. He then asked if For Zion’s Sake would be interested to purchase the operation? I was both shocked and excited at the same time… Could this be the Lord’s provision? Is this His will to feed the poor and needy both now and especially in the difficult times ahead?

We know biblically that the time of Jacob’s trouble will soon fall upon all the Land of Israel and that the Jewish people must suffer the worst and final holocaust in all of our recorded history… It has been recorded in Jeremiah 30:7 and Mathew 24:21-22 in detail, before Yeshua returns to SAVE His people from total annihilation by the Anti-Christ of the New World Order. It will only be when Israel is seemingly hopeless, cries out to with all of their hearts, “HoShiana!” (Save us now, oh Lord!). Yeshua then roars out of Zion and steps upon the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem to fight against those armies and the AC who came to destroy His people and He Prevails against them, Halleluyah!!!

So, I am asking all of you who faithfully pray and support FZS Ministry to bring this request of purchasing the bakery (and the possibility of opening up a soup kitchen in conjunction with the purchase) before the Lord in prayer so that we might know His PERFECT will…



Olim in Jerusalem Receiving Aid

Well, it has happened again! Word has spread through the new immigrant community that we have new clothing at our distribution center and the new Olim are very anxious to come to us as soon as possible to receive the new articles we are offering. We have learned over the years that “word of mouth” is our best advertisement, so our days are now booked with appointments of immigrants wanting quality winter clothing and blankets as temperatures continue to drop in Jerusalem.

How thankful we are for the latest deliveries of aid that keeps our distribution center’s shelves continually full! It’s amazing that even in these turbulent times, the Lord is so good and faithful to keep our aid supply lines open!

Update from supporters in South Africa

Jack and Annalee Carstens with The David and Jonathan Foundation

Dear FZS,

The New Normal is that nothing is actually normal, especially here in South Africa, including myself personally. First we were level 5 for Covid, then down to three and two, then up to level 3 again and now, as of last week, we are at level 1 again. First you couldn’t meet, then you could, but only in limited numbers and now, suddenly, hundreds can meet for the up-coming local elections on 1 November. Despite all the rules and restrictions, and right through all the waves, people were allowed to travel in mini-bus taxis stuffed with 16 plus people! Who can make sense of it?

It’s been a complete “balagan” as far as planning and executing work is concerned. I think I can speak for most churches here in SA, when I say they have taken a huge knock as far as attendance is concerned. Smaller churches that were meeting in schools were disallowed to use the premises for the past 18 months. Most of them have closed permanently. Larger churches have seen their number shrink dramatically. My church, usually numbering about 350, met last Sunday on level 1 where 1000 are allowed to meet. Only 40 people attended! It’s not much better in other gatherings. I don’t know if some of this was intentional, but it is going to take a long while to get back to where we were before, if ever.

Shalom, we miss you all.

Jack and Annalee, and the David & Jonathan Foundation.

Prayer for Thomas Kellenberger and Island Kids Philippines

Our dear Swiss friend Thomas has embarked on one of the most incredible journeys in order to raise funds and awareness for the organization he founded and FZS supports, Island Kids International in the Philippines. Tom is currently walking on a 2 year trek from Switzerland to Mindanao, PI that will cross 22 countries. Tom is already on day 65 near Montenegro in the Balkans and I had the privilege to speak with him just 2 days ago and pray together with him. He is very grateful for all prayers and support for the organization. He has met so many wonderful people on his solo journey, however some friends and supports fly in where he is and walk with him for a few days in solidarity…


You can follow Thomas’s journey and learn more about Island Kids Philippines


Thank you all so much for your love and faithfulness! The coming of the Lord is so near now, let us ALL be watching and praying more and more as the days grow darker…

Bradley Antolovich
International Director