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Ministry Report May 2021 – Unprecedented Rocket Attack on Israel

Behold, He who keeps Israel
Shall neither slumber nor sleep. (Psalm 121:4)


As I am writing this update, there have been 6 Israelis killed and many injured by continued rocket fire in major cities in the center of the country, 1050 so far and well over 100 people have been wounded. The Gaza terrorists apparently attempted to overwhelm the Iron Dome by firing over 130 rockets in a space of minutes, hitting homes, a school and hospital; massive attack comes shortly after 2 senior Islamic Jihad officials and several Hamas fighters were killed in IDF strike. Last night, spontaneous riots erupted in many mixed cities in Israel. Yesterday in Lod, just a few kilometers from Ben Gurion Airport, Benjamin Netanyahu declared a state of emergency after the city’s mayor warned that ‘civil war has erupted’, calling for troops to be deployed and comparing the terror to Kristallnacht under the Nazis.

The reality here is that Israel is outnumbered by its Muslim neighbors almost 1 million to 1, and when the Arab world figures out that just through their sheer numbers, when unified, they could easily overrun Israel causing unspeakable havoc and destruction. Perhaps what we are seeing will inspire our other neighbors to join the attack which could lead to all-out war in the region.

I personally believe it is only the grace and protection of the Lord that this biblical doomsday scenario has not happened yet, even after 5 major wars and countless Skirmishes from all of the Palestinian uprisings since 1948, when the State of Israel was reborn.

However somehow this time seems different… There appears to be a look of concern and uncertainty in the different interviews with Israeli leadership on how to deal with the intensity and amount of rockets that Hamas was able to fire deep into central Israel within such a short time. We have also witnessed many spontaneous riots breaking out in many Jewish cities where Arabs live nearby. Some Israelis even had to be evicted from of their home for safety.

Is this the beginning of the judgment of Israel that we read about in Mathew 24 and the book of Revelation? Only time will tell… but in the meantime may we who love and stand with Israel commit ourselves to prayer and personal holiness as we seek His mercy for the lost sheep of the House of Israel.

Please continue to pray for the protection of Israel in these difficult times!

FZS Jerusalem Update

Here are some recent distribution photos we took this week of what we do best, comforting and blessing the needy with new and quality used clothing in Yeshua’s name! And it’s because of your love and faithful financial support that our distribution center keeps running – Thank you very much!

Update from Diana

Diana using the lift with her mother Lena

This week we received word that the “lift” that was donated by a dear supporter of FZS for Diana is a big blessing for the family to help move her and give her exercise. You may remember, last year we introduced you to this 15-year-old physically challenged girl, who was diagnosed with a congenital diagnosis of CP (spasticity and dystonia). Diana cannot help herself and needs constant help (feeding, dressing, sitting, bathing). She does not know how to speak, but she understands most everything in both Russian and in Hebrew. Again, Lena and Igor express their appreciation for the help they received.

News Report From Jerusalem Comes to a Close

Our weekly News Report From Jerusalem began in 1997 as a news source for believers to keep people informed and up to date on news stories and archeological discoveries coming out of Israel and lead on how to pray. However, with time, social media and many major news sources have since sprung up, making information from the Middle East available in real time. So, after almost 25 years of sending The News Report From Jerusalem, we felt that it is time for us to step back and discontinue sending our reports.

I’d like to end by saying, thank you to our dear readers of the NRFJ over the years, and to those who have been praying for Israel and the Jewish people because of the reports! Thank you also to all the team, past and present – you guys helped make the NRFJ a global news source!

Fire devastates home of Beslan survivor killing her husband

“Thank you very much for the gift you sent us (FZS donors gave $1000 for Irina) which is much needed for the task of rebuilding our home and lives after the fire. I still have difficulties without my husband, but thank God, by His grace we can go on…”

Ironically today, “At least eleven people are reported to have died during a shooting at a school in Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, on Tuesday morning, news agency TASS has reported. Students and teachers were evacuated from the building as eyewitnesses said they had heard shots and an explosion at School No. 175 in the central Russian city. Some of those inside were seen climbing from windows to escape the gunfire.”

Update from Pastor Elisha in Myanmar

Pastor Elisha (left) and Habakkuk

Dear Bradley,

We praise God for His protection and guidance throughout this hour. It is not because we are lucky but by His grace and mercy alone that we can still stand for the Gospel of Christ in this conflict time. Your prayer and financial support means a lot for us and for the ministry. “For the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” (James. 5:17)

The people of Myanmar can no longer bear the oppression of the brutal military junta. Every day they kill and arrest the armless people. We now have no rights and there is no justice at all. We the people in Myanmar have no choice but to obey their authority unwillingly and to suffer badly under their oppression.

As they plan to reopen the school from June 1, they are forcing us to admit our children to the school before the end of May. Currently, they are demanding CDM school teachers to work under their authority whether they like it or not. If we admit our children, that means we support the junta and if not, we will suffer. We don’t know yet which one we will choose. Please pray with us for the divine direction.

In Christ,

PTL, we were able to send $1200 to Elisha for their support for the school from FZS donors.

Please continue to pray for Israel’s protection during these very difficult times of instability in the region. Oh, that the Salvation of Israel would come out of Zion… Psalm 14:7


Bradley Antolovich
International Director