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If I forget thee oh Jerusalem



If I forget thee oh Jerusalem… Ps. 135:5


I recently took this photo as I was walking to the Old City of Jerusalem.It was at the evening hour and I just thought it was an amazing picture to snap of the Jerusalem skyline. Later on, after returning back to our distribution center in Talpiot where I stay, I began to ponder the view in the picture more intensely. It was then that I realized just how much biblical history was right there before my eyes in just one photo.

To the left is Mt. Zion where the coming Messiah Yeshua will establish His eternal throne (Ps. 2:6) – Straight ahead is the Mt. of Olives from where Yeshua will return first (Zec. 14:4) – Below that is the City of David, where King David the Great x14 Grandfather of Yeshua was born and lived (I Sam. 17:12)- Just near the bottom is the Hinnom Valley where Judas hung himself after his betrayal of Yeshua (Matt 27:5) – Finally, the Dead Sea is way off in the distance, and Jordan beyond that…This is Jerusalem!

Perhaps this is why it is so important for God’s people to love and cherish this city above our greatest chief joy (Ps.137:6). After all, it is only in Jerusalem where He chose to place His name FOREVER (2 Chron. 33:7).And as we mentioned, there are today, invisible foundations of a future Kingdom that will be established right here.This is the very place where Yeshua was tortured and crucified for our sins, and His Holy Blood was poured out upon this very ground – the only acceptable payment for our eternal destiny into the Kingdom of Heaven. Yes, the true Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world was offered up for us right here, and His blood that touched this ground anointed the land itself making it the Holy Land!

Indeed, this is why we love Jerusalem, and eagerly wait for Yeshua’s to establish His eternal Kingdom (Matt 6:10)!








In closing, we would just like to say once again, THANK YOU very much for your faithful prayers and support that helps us to continue to bless the needy and those less fortunate in Yeshua’s name in Jerusalem!


Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving in His love,


Bradley Antolovich
International Director


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