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Tomorrow we will be flying to Kathmandu, Nepal to join humanitarian relief efforts there after a devastating 7.8 Earthquake rocked the capital of Kathmandu killing and wounding thousands just as scale of devastation begins to emerge, while fears grow that the death toll will rise to as high as 10,000. We at For Zion’s Sake Ministries share a burden and calling to assist in disaster relief efforts wherever the need may arise globally as part of our Humanitarian Aid vision.

Kathmandu Nepal - Collapsed building after earthquake disaster

Kathmandu Nepal – Collapsed building after earthquake disaster

Just as we did in the Philippines after Hurricane Yolanda last year, we are planning on assisting the IDF rescue delegation that departed from Israel today with an advanced multi-department medical facility, equipped with approximately 95 tons of humanitarian and medical supplies and a medical staff of 122 doctors, nurses, paramedics and rescue workers flown in by special ELAL transport planes from Israel.

We are also hoping to make contact with local churches to find out what are the needs of the believing community there.

Any contacts or networking assistance on the ground would be greatly appreciated… 

Israeli IDF medical mission departs for Nepal on Monday

Images have begun to appear on social media, showing entire villages laid waste by the earthquake. Search and rescue teams are making their way on foot through mountains and streams to locations that are unreachable by road. According to reports, hundreds of communities across Nepal has been cut off with little food, no water or electricity and faces near impossible recovery efforts alone due their inaccessibility. “The rescue personnel are also in bad shape. We are all close to collapse,” said Lakshmi Prasad Dhakal of Nepal’s Home Affairs Ministry.

Entire communities are believed to have been destroyed in the earthquake in Nepal.

Meanwhile, massive aftershocks continued in Nepal throughout Sunday, causing terrified survivors to run into the streets. At least 100 Israelis were still out of contact in Nepal on Monday as search and rescue efforts continue. UNICEF said that nearly 1 million children in areas affected by the earthquake are in “urgent need” of humanitarian assistance amongst dwindling water supplies, power shortages and communications breakdowns.

7.4 Earthquakes Rocks Nepal

Infrastructure destroyed along with poor peoples homes as 7.4 Earthquakes Rocks Nepal

There is still time to save lives and that’s why governments and aid agencies are rushing doctors, volunteers and equipment to Nepal without waiting for the dust to settle. Diarrhea was already a growing problem and a measles outbreak was feared, with vaccines in short supply…


Earthquake damage on the streets of Bhaktapur. Located 30km east of Kathmandu

U.N. spokeswoman Orla Fagan, who is heading to Nepal, said preventing the spread of disease is one of the most important tasks facing aid workers who are arriving. “There are 14 international medical teams on the way and either 14 or 15 international search-and-rescue teams on the way,” she said. “They need to get in as soon as possible. They will use military aircraft to get them into Nepal.”

– Please, in all of this destruction, we need your urgent prayers for protection and wisdom in how and where to help…

– Please also pray about supporting this outreach financially with a special gift in order that we may purchase medical supplies, food, water etc.! 

– Please also pray that Yeshua’s love and Light would shine through us as we reach out in His name!!! 

– Perhaps some of you are available to join our team and fly to Nepal this week??? 

– 100% of funds given to Nepal will go to Earthquake Victims there. Please specify: For Nepal Earthquake Victims in the comment box on our donation page.

All in Yeshua’s love,

Bradley Antolovich - For Zion's Sake

Bradley Antolovich
International Director

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