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From Relief to Rebuilding

From Relief to Rebuilding

The relief efforts of the devastating typhoon that struck the central Philippine Islands on Nov 8 has now turned from proving food and medicine to the rebuilding stage for many relief agencies. As thousands of people are still living in makeshift lean-tos and other temporary housing without electricity nearly 2 weeks after the storm.

The greatest need that we can assess for the Filipino people is to now help them to rebuild their homes. Building material such as plywood, corrugated metal sheets for roofs, nails, windows and tools such as chainsaws to help clear the many trees that fell due to the storm are most requested.

From Relief to Rebuilding

From Relief to Rebuilding in the Philippines

FZS was able to provide one such chainsaw to a district in Northern Cebu that will help them to reestablish their community, as they can use the fallen coconut trees to rebuild their houses.

We are also able to visit a remote island named Jibitnil that was devastated by the typhoon. We loaded our aid unto little manmade boat and crossed over to an entire island of people who were there waiting to greet us. Pastor Bong of Calvary Chapel Cebu was able to preach the Gospel before the distribution of the food packets we brought. The people were so thankful and graciously received us with warm smiles and many “Salamats,” which means thank you in Cebuano…

Loading aid to sail to the Island of Jibitnil

Enough to feed 200 families

Arriving on the island of Jibitnil

An entire village hears the gospel as they receive aid

Finally, we just had to visit the Israeli camp one more time and witness the wonderful work of medical relief they are providing for the island of Northern Cebu in Bogo. We were given a tour of their makeshift medical facility and we witnessed firsthand the many Philipino patients being treated by the top specialists the Israeli delegation had sent to help…

“Miracles” The Israeli medical delegation to the Philippines has managed to restore the eyesight of four residents of the Philippines, aged 40 to 74, who were blind as a result of pterygia – growths in the eyes, associated with ultraviolet-light exposure, low humidity and dust. “Many locals had this disease, but those who are poor couldn’t afford surgery

“The patients who all of a sudden could see after the operation were so excited – it’s a miracle happening before your very eyes”

Bradley with chief nurse who gave us a tour of their facility

Israeli surgeons at work in Bogo

Crowds wait daily to be treated by the Israelis

The Israeli hospital is very overcrowded

Please pray for the Filipino people who have suffered and endured so much.

Thank you for your much needed prayers and support

Bradley Antolovich - For Zion's Sake

Bradley Antolovich
International Director

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