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Purim in Jerusalem

For such a time as this

For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Est 4:1)

Greetings from Jerusalem!

As we prepare for our annual Purim celebration this week at FZS, we remember once again the Lord’s gracious deliverance from our jealous enemy Haman who had vowed to destroy us. His plan was almost successful except for the faith of Easter who approached the King and begged for mercy for her people. As a result, the Jews were saved from Haman’s evil plans and he himself was put to death instead of the Jews.

I believe the Church today is likewise called to stand in the gap for the Jewish people through prayers, support and Intercession for Israel’s deliverances from our hostile neighbors who are once again threatening us openly with annihilation…

Thank you so much for standing with us!!!

Queen Esther before the King

FZS Warehouse Clothing Distribution Continues

We also wanted to send you a brief update on our recent activities in blessings the Jewish people with Yeshua’s love both here in Israel and abroad. We are also equally blessed to be able to meet so many young Immigrants during our clothing distribution times at our FZS warehouse in Jerusalem. Below are a few of the many people who come to us for assistance which is a direct result of your support for this ministry…

On behalf of those needy Israelis we help and ourselves likewise, Thank you very much!!!

FZS Continues to Bless Holocaust Survivors

This week we are currently hosting another group of Holocaust Survivors at Haus Schonegg from Feb 21-27, 2013. We ask for your prayers and support for this special outreach as we share the Love of Yeshua with these wounded souls who have survives the terrors of the Holocaust. Here is the group joining us…

Vil Nemirovsky born 1938.
Survived Mogillov Ghetto.
Ludmila Chernisheva born 1938. Survived the Minsk Ghetto. Bluma Davidov, born in 1935. Survived the Bershad Ghetto.
Anna Kaplan born in 1940. Survived the Minsk Ghetto. Irina and Clarice daughters of Fima Grimberg Fima Grimberg (former director of the Holocaust Association in Jerusalem )

FZS also had the privilege of sponsoring a Holocaust Survivors field trip day at the Dead Sea and Ein Gedi. It was a beautiful time together of fun and fellowship and they were very thankful for this outreach. They are already planning our next outing together!

Big Help from Holland

Finally last week from Feb. 14-19 we hosted a group of 16 volunteers from Holland who came to Haus Schonegg to help us paint the old shutters on the outside of the building. It was a very blessed time of work and fellowship and we were able to share our Jewish roots as Christians with them.

FZS would like to thank GAIN International and their coordinator, Gerrit van Wijngaarden for all of their hard work in painting and the many blessing they gave to us!

Thank you very much for your faithful prayers and support as we seek to bless the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel…

With love and blessings in Yeshua’s name,
Bradley, Marianna Antolovich and FZS staff

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