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Visiting Tatiana Unosova

Tatiana Immigrated to Israel from Volgograd last September, She has 2 children that live here in Israel but apart from her.

Her daughter came to Israel through the Na’ale Program and got her school diploma here along with a university degree she got married and lives with her husband.

Her son is just finishing high school and also came to Israel through the Na’ale program, he lives in the school dorms.

Tatiana’s husband passed away in 2006 and she’s feeling very lonely here in Israel.

She’s studying Hebrew in an Ulpan and receives some money from the state but it’s not even enough to cover rent.

Like many other new immigrants she’s looking for direction in life and a plan for what to do after she’s done studying Hebrew.

Her apartment is almost empty so we brought her some chair and dishes, she’s also in need of a kitchen table.

We were able to life her spirits a bit by telling her about God and His plan for the Jewish people, and that no matter what His always with us and will take care of us.

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