Man with wheelchair and crouches

Ivanitsky Stanislav

Last week we visited Stanislav, in the hospital.

We previously wrote about him and his family, they made Aliyah (Immigration to Israel) last July.

They have a six year old Son named Georgy who also had surgery here in Israel and now is able to walk with crouches as before he could only move on a wheelchair.

Stanislav’s wife Olga is the only health person in their family and she is taking secretary classes along with Hebrew classes and a part time job, being the only one in the family with an income is pretty hard to get by in Israel so we also help them with food coupons.

Well getting back to Stanislav he had a hip replacement surgery and praise the Lord it was successful, the doctor gave Stanislav 35 year insurance on the hip.

Stanislav was very happy and smiling and we all sat together to praise the Lord and give him thanks.

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