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Like you, we are amazed to witness…

What a blessing you are! Because of your faithfulness, For Zion’s Sake continues to prove God’s love for Israel by what we do, not just the things we say.

Like you, we are amazed to witness fulfillment of God’s Word in the reborn State of Israel. In spite of growing threats, it continues to grow. Jewish immigrants are still making their way to Israel, leaving family, friends and livelihoods behind, starting new lives here in the Land God promised to them. It is a good choice, but not an easy one.

What a privilege to come alongside these immigrants, these Olim, helping them make their way in a different culture, sharing from storehouses equipped by you. Storehouses of food, clothing, medicine, hospitality and more. Even as I write these words, you are partners with us and God by…

✡ Clothing Israel’s immigrants, students and soldiers
✡ Hosting H0L0CAUST survivors at Haus Schnoegg

✡ Receiving from first-time visitors to Israel who came to …serve!

✡ Your ongoing prayers

Clothing Israel’s immigrants, students, soldiers

1. Giena, his wife Veronica and Sasha, immigrants to Israel from
Khabarovsk, Russia, near Japan 2. Yuri from Russia, now serving in the Israeli Army

3. Lev from Russia 18 months ago. Going into the IDF. Hopes to become a judge 4. Elizabeth

Hosting 5 H0L0CAUST Survivors at at Haus Schnoegg this week, 23-30 August, 2012

Meet your guests for August’s retreat:

Bella Slutska, Born May 29, 1937 in Ukraine. For nine days Bella, her mother and brother fled on foot from Nazis in hot pursuit. A local church provided new identification papers, saving all three. All the Jews left behind in their home village were shot, exiled or buried alive.

Isaak Geller, born January 1, 1931 in Ukraine. After his father and two older brothers left to be soldiers, Isaak and his mother were sent to the ghetto. Many times Nazis came, selected people and murdered them. Isaak and his mother were never chosen. Today Isaak, his wife and two daughters live in Israel.

Lubov Geller,wife of Isaak, born June 26, 1932 in Ukraine. Like Isaak, Lubov and her mother were forced into the ghetto. They too were never chosen. Lubov and Isaak married in 1957.

Elena Goldov Jodzishskaya,born July 24, 1939 in Poland. As a child her immediate family circle included 60 loved ones. Only 5 survived a murderous rampage by the Nazis. Elena was rescued by the family of a priest who hid her in a cart of firewood. Since 1992 Elena and her husband have lived in Israel.

Ida Mirstin, born May 23, 1938 in Ukraine. Her parents and two siblings were sent to a ghetto plagued by starvation and illness. All members of Ida’s family survived. Since 1972 Ida, her husband and two daughters, have lived in Israel.

Will you help us cover the costs of hosting these survivors?

Receiving ministry from first-time visitors to Israel who came to …serve!

Last week our Jerusalem warehouse was alive with the sounds of first-time visitors to Israel. Yes, they came to see some sites, but the main reason for coming to Israel was to …work! The group is a fellowship of young adults who live in the Netherlands province of Zeeland. During most of their two-week stay they painted and cleaned, sewed and drilled, built housing and served soup. Their delight in serving the Lord by using their hands lit up our offices in Jerusalem. Literally. One task they performed was rewiring work in our upstairs sorting area. Learn more about the group and their great time in Israel serving people. Visit their website; Click here.

Thank you, Lef 4 Israel! We love you 🙂

Prayer requests: Our hearts, your prayers
From Bradley and family

Please pray for the Lord’s blessing as we host the group of Survivors at Haus Schonegg. Pray for Marianna and the kids for strength as we will be cooking, cleaning, teaching and touring with the group. …Pray for their Salvation!
From Lena and Sergei

We give thanks to the Lord for the wonderful group of volunteers from Holland who helped us in our Ministry. May the Lord continue to bless them in all they do.

Please pray for…

…my brother in-law’s health and salvation

…for my nephew that the Lord will bless him with work and that he will surrender his heart to Him

…for our son’s desire to study at the University

From Luda

Thank you for continuing to pray for my daughter-in-law that the Lord will give her strength to overcome her sickness and that she will give her heart to Him
From Luda N

Please pray for
…my daughter that the Lord will change her heart and give her wisdom; and

…our family

From Asha

Please pray for…
…my family’s salvation, especially for my dad and his health that I may see him again

…for me, to make decisions that are my Master’s will

With love and gratitude from all of us working together with you, For Zion’s Sake

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