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Shipping container from Sweden


Thank you all for your prayers and support!

We are happy to inform you that the long awaited container full of new clothes from Sweden arrived last week.

With the help of few guys from Beit HaYeshua and some of our friends and all of us we were able to unload the whole container in 35 minutes… so thank God for all the extra hands we had.

Now all we have to do is unpack and sort all the clothes which will some time but were going to have the first new immigrants come and receive some clothes next week.

Also we just ordered a some big shelves that are going to be 5 meters high it cost us about 40 thousand NIS (about 12,000 $). It will take about a month for the shelves to be ready but once they are we’ll be able to sort all the clothes and have the warehouse looking neat and clean again.

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