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FZS Distribution Center full of Aid to give

Friday Update: Construction At FZS

Praise the Lord, the new industrial warehouse shelving has been installed at our FZS headquarters in Jerusalem and the shelves are already full of Humanitarian Aid ready to be distributed. God’s timing was perfect because we just received another shipment of new clothing from Sweden, our second 20ft containers in just 3 months.

The new shelving utilizes the space we have more efficiently, while also providing a second floor and essentially doubled our storage space. The entire assembly process took almost two weeks to construct along with the exterior renovations such as moving doors, walls and ceiling tiles. The lower shelves will also serve as clothes sorting station where we can sort the clothing according to size, season and gender.

Shipping container from Sweden

Blessed with a container from Sweden

We have now begun our “Clothing Distribution Days” outreach program when we schedule 20 needy people per day to come in and choose the clothing they need. As always, we rejoice to see the happy faces of the new immigrants and their surprised expression as they receive new clothing!!! Please pray that these times of outreach would be fruitful and provide many opportunities to share His love!

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