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Visiting Gabriella

Gabriella (27) came to Israel with her husband and their adopted son Michael (11) in October 2010.

Shortly after arriving in Israel the couple got a divorce and Gabriella got Michael to raise on her own Her ex-husband doesn’t want anything to do with her or Michael. Being a single mother she had to rent the cheapest room she could find a basement room with no furniture she was able to acquire a bed and a few chairs.

Gabriella holds 2 jobs and studies Hebrew in an Ulpan (Hebrew class) also she had to take a loan from the bank just to have it as a guaranty for rent. So between holding 2 jobs, paying rent, loan, and raising a child on her own life is quite difficult for her, but she doesn’t complain and does everything to provide for her son.

We provided her with a folding kitchen table and gave her new clothes from the shipment we received. So please pray for Gabriella and Michael as they start their new life here in Israel.

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