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Special message from Bradley Antolovich

Dear friends of FZS,

By now, everyone is aware of the Corona virus pandemic that is creating economic havoc globally, while bringing the daily routines of billions of people to a screeching halt. Israel seems to be taking the leading role in prevention by introducing some of the strictest measures thus far in limiting all non-essential public contact. The Ministry of Health now requires individuals to maintain a distance of two meters (6.5 feet) from each other and continue the practice of “social distancing” everywhere except their own home.

So far, tens of thousands of employees have been sent home on unpaid leave from work until further notice, with no way of knowing what next week or next month will hold.

Our vision here at FZS has never wavered from the calling of the Lord we received as a ministry which is to be a “First Responder” both spiritually and practically in critical emergency situations; much like Esther in the story of Purim, “for such a time as this!” We marvel that the Lord has strategically placed our warehouse facility right in the very heart of Jerusalem so that we may answer that call, to help save lives in times of war, famine, pestilence, terror and other times of crises.

We have decided to temporarily turn our focus from clothing distribution to a food and medical storehouse for events that are currently unfolding.

1.jpgJoseph storing seed for the 7 bad years of tribulation.

As we are strongly convinced the Lord is leading us to respond accordingly, we will immediately start storing medical equipment and non-perishable foods, especially larger quantities of wheat seed. Oh how convenient of the Lord to place a bread bakery just next door to us as renters 2 years ago.

Please, For Zion’s Sake Needs Your Prayers and Support more than ever!

The current and prospective needs are specifically for 40 ft.
shipping containers shipped to Jerusalem with:




If you have any contacts or abilities to help facilitate the filling of the FZS warehouse with what is mentioned above, please contact me personally at :[email protected]

You may also help us today by donating financially towards the next shipping container with these essential emergency items and the transportation of these items within Israel.

In closing, we know that Israel is not alone in the current suffering of this global pandemic crisis. However we know biblically that Jerusalem is and will remain ground zero for the spiritual battles that lie ahead. And so we ask you to join with us in prayer for God’s protection, provision and wisdom as we move forward together through these uncharted paths of these last days as we wait for Yeshua’s return to The Mt. Olives in Jerusalem!

Thank you for standing with Israel in our time of need!

Shalom and Blessings!

Bradley Antolovich,
International Director