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Arabs Protest UN’s Withdrawal of Israel ‘Apartheid’ Report

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! The Arabs accused the UN of “bullying tactics and intimidation.” An Arab delegation met with the United Nations secretary-general Wednesday to protest what Palestinian Ambassador Riyad Mansour ...

March 25th, 2017|

Trump invites Abbas to the White House

PA chairman invited to visit White House during first phone call with President Donald Trump. President Donald Trump invited Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas to the White House during their telephone conversation on Friday, ...

March 11th, 2017|

PA admits: We have no control over Gaza

PA government admits it has no control over Gaza due to longstanding feud with Hamas. The Palestinian Authority (PA) government in Ramallah admitted on Tuesday it has no control over the situation in Gaza, accusing ...

March 8th, 2017|

Ambassador Haley makes bid to renew peace talks

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley discusses reviving Israel-PA talks with PA envoy to the United Nations. Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to the UN, on Tuesday discussed reviving Israeli-Palestinian Arab peace negotiations during her first ...

March 8th, 2017|

Palestinian Kids at European-Funded Festival: ‘Jihad is Needed, Pull the Trigger’

This is another example of Palestinian abuse and misuse of cultural and educational events to call for Israel’s end. Like many cultural and educational centers around the world, the Yafa Cultural Center in Shechem (Nablus) ...

March 4th, 2017|

Facebook Reopens Fatah Page, Enables Terror Promotion

Facebook reinstated Fatah’s terror-promoting page after only two days, without demanding the removal of violent posts inciting Palestinians to murder Jews. On Monday, Facebook shut down the terror-promoting account belonging to Fatah, the ruling party ...

March 4th, 2017|


“It is no surprise that this Council, which has long been divorced from reality, has chosen once again to provide a platform for Palestinian smears against us," says Israel envoy. The formal recognition of “Palestine” ...

February 28th, 2017|

For Zion's Sake I will not hold My peace, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest.. Isaiah 62:1