PA Threatens 'All Options' In Response to Talks Suspension

April 24, 2014 Israel 21 Hits
PA Chief Negotiator Erekat warns all responses being considered to suspension of talks, notes Hamas deal is 'the priority now.' The Palestinian Authority (PA) shot back…

Arab World

Arab League: Stalemate in Peace Talks is All Israel's Fault

April 10, 2014 Arab World 59 Hits
The Arab League says Israel is responsible for the “serious predicament” facing the negotiations. The Arab League, as expected, on Wednesday blamed Israel for the…

World News

US to 'Reconsider' Aid to PA if It Joins with Hamas

April 24, 2014 World News admin 25 Hits
Aid to a unity government that includes Hamas would amount to providing assistance to a terrorist organization. The United States would have to reconsider its assistance…