Analysis: With multiple portfolios, Netanyahu is a jack of all trades

May 24, 2016 Israel 24 Hits
There are politicians who would give a kidney to achieve a fraction of Netanyahu’s power. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joked in Monday’s Likud faction meeting about…

Arab World

In blow to BDS, Jordan authorizes Israel's participation in national investment fund

May 24, 2016 Arab World 15 Hits
The Jordanian MPs gathered on Sunday to pass the Jordanian Investment Fund Law for 2016, authorizing Israeli companies to participate in the fund's bids. In an…

World News

Top Saudi adviser exposed as Clinton Foundation donor

May 20, 2016 World News admin 27 Hits
One of Saudi Arabia's richest men close to royal family shown to be a leading donor, raising questions about Hillary's foreign influence. One of Saudi Arabia's richest…