Palestinian Authority: ‘Holding our people in Israeli jails is a war crime’

April 17, 2014 Israel 35 Hits
Marking Palestinian Prisoner Day, PA says its ratification of Geneva Convention makes Israel liable for war crimes over prisoner issue; Israeli officials respond: Entire…

Arab World

Arab League: Stalemate in Peace Talks is All Israel's Fault

April 10, 2014 Arab World 50 Hits
The Arab League says Israel is responsible for the “serious predicament” facing the negotiations. The Arab League, as expected, on Wednesday blamed Israel for the…

World News

U.S. Criticizes PA Moves, Israel's Sanctions

April 12, 2014 World News admin 45 Hits
White House says the PA's unilateral moves hurt peace, as State Department says Israel's sanctions on the PA are "unfortunate". The United States on Friday said it was…