IDF warns Hamas is focusing on one major terror tunnel

February 10, 2016 Israel 38 Hits
Security appraisal reveals over 1,000 Hamas terrorists working on one central tunnel reaching deep into Israel for a massive attack. An IDF appraisal of the current…

Arab World

Israeli minister grants unprecedented interview to Saudi news site

January 30, 2016 Arab World 48 Hits
Ze’ev Elkin told the 'Elaph' Arab-language web site on Friday that Israel continues to maintain the status quo at the Islamic holy places in Jerusalem. An Israeli…

World News

UN Chief Reveals His Dangerous Anti-Israel Obsession in NY Times Op-Ed

February 02, 2016 World News admin 39 Hits
With his term as secretary-general coming to an end, Ban Ki-moon wrote an op-ed in the New York Times in which he attacks Israel, a clear indication that he has decided…


  • Jan 29, 2016 Editorial

    Column one: Hope is not a strategy

    Since Israel is going to be attacked no matter what it does, we might as well do things that advance our interests. Our government is playing games with itself. And losing. On Wednesday Chaim… More
  • Jan 16, 2016 Editorial

    The Obama administration’s most covert war

    The Obama Administration believes it is at war with Israel- not a shooting war, but a political war. Over the past several weeks, we have learned that the Obama administration believes it is at war… More
  • Jan 13, 2016 Editorial

    Our World: In Pakistan, they trust

    Pakistan is little more than a failed state with nuclear weapons. It is a testament to the precarious state of the world today that in a week that saw North Korea carry out a possible test of a… More
  • Dec 22, 2015 Editorial

    Our world: The birth of political virtue

    In this new reality, the power of the legal fraternity cannot help but be reduced, because they will no longer be viewed as the sole arbiter of our politicians’ power. Former Knesset member Yinon… More
  • Dec 21, 2015 Editorial

    Column One: Rubio, Cruz and US global leadership

    For the first time in a decade, Americans are beginning to think seriously about foreign policy; But are they too late? At some point between 2006 and 2008, the American people decided to turn their… More
  • Nov 21, 2015 Editorial

    Who is being delusional?

    "Abbas is not interested either in peace or in Palestinian statehood." On Tuesday night, Channel 10 broadcast an interview with PLO chief and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in which… More
  • Oct 31, 2015 Editorial

    Rabin's true legacy

    Rather than learn from his record, Israel has spent the past 20 years distorting his record. It is notable that the same week that Israel marked the 20th anniversary of the assassination of prime… More
  • Oct 17, 2015 Editorial

    Kerry, Israeli Arabs and the separation delusion

    Kerry's claim this week that “Unless we get going, a two-state solution could conceivably be stolen from everybody,” is more an assault on reality generally than on Israel in particular. Israel’s… More
  • Oct 10, 2015 Editorial

    Abbas must be stopped

    "The man who propagates this murderous lie and orchestrates the death and mayhem that is its bloody harvest is none other than the West’s favorite Palestinian moderate." All the Palestinian terrorist… More
  • Sep 05, 2015 Editorial

    A glorious defeat

    Over the past seven years Washington has sent a steady stream of senior officials to “oversee joint Israeli-American efforts” regarding Iran. Sometimes you have to fight battles you cannot win… More
  • Aug 26, 2015 Editorial

    Analysis: Focus on a nuclear Iran obscures other developing nuclear threats

    The US and the West have done little to update their defense doctrines for dealing with the burgeoning and evolving nuclear threats posed in other corners of the world. The world is distracted. The… More
  • Aug 22, 2015 Editorial

    The power of Jewish indignation

    When Jews stand up to anti-Semites, the anti-Semites back down. Perhaps we should thank Spain’s Rotodom Sunsplash reggae festival organizers. They just provided us with a textbook case both of the… More
  • Aug 12, 2015 Editorial

    The anti-peace administration

    "For all their talk about Middle East peace, Obama and his advisors are not at all interested in achieving it." The US has striven to achieve peaceable relations between the states of the Middle East… More
  • Aug 01, 2015 Editorial

    Column One: Obama strikes again

    Obama’s first hope was to reach a deal with his Iranian friends that would leave the Assad regime in place. But the Iranians blew him off. While Israel and much of official Washington remain focused… More
  • Jul 29, 2015 Editorial

    Pathway to defeating ISIS runs through Kurdistan – and starts in America

    US must cede operational control to trusted local experts who can vet so-called “rebels” to ensure support is given only to those that seek freedom, peace and democracy Congress must help the… More