Abbas's Fatah Pledges 'Loyalty' to Jerusalem Terrorist

October 23, 2014 Israel 17 Hits
'Moderate' Fatah praises 'heroic' murderer of three-month-old, celebrating his 'wedding' to 72 virgins in paradise. Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's…

Arab World

Foreign Ministry warns Israelis against visiting Turkey amid protests over Gaza

July 19, 2014 Arab World
Foreign Ministry recalls diplomats' families and staff, due to current political climate regarding Gaza operation. The Foreign Ministry on Friday warned Israeli…

World News

US Praises Hamas-Fatah Unity Meeting as 'Positive Step'

October 10, 2014 World News admin 42 Hits
Despite initially claiming Hamas not part of unity govt., White House now glows over Gaza meeting with Hamas. The Hamas terrorist group was present as the Palestinian…