FZS Outreach in the Philippines

Our work in the Philippines continues in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda which killed thousands in 2013. This year we were able to send finances and a 40-foot aid container filled with clothing and building supplies in support of various ministries. One such organization we partner with and support is, IslandKids International, a Christian ministry that rescues children from a life of child trafficking, prostitution, and scavenging at the local dumpsites and provides them with shelter and education. The children are given the opportunity to receive a proper education, nourishing food, and medical care. After having recently built a new school near the dumping site, Island- Kids is currently ministering to over 450 children enrolled in kindergarten to Grade 12. They also have onsite children’s homes which house many of the kids.




                                                Bradley at the new IslanKids Christian school inauguration in Cagayan de Oro



                             These children were rescued from the streets and given a quality education with IslandKids!


                                                                First day of school in the new IslandKids Christian school


FZS is also supporting a dear Dutch sister Arianne Willemsen, who has taken the big leap of faith and starting her own medical mission in Eastern Samar, Philippines. We were there with her since her first visit to the Philippines and we will be fully supporting her efforts amongst the sick and needy in Samar. The name of the organization is called, Tambulig Medical Outreach. 

                                                            The team at Tambulig Medical Outreach

Arianne writes; Thankfully, we can say that there are two doctors (Dr. Apita and Dr. Lagria) who are willing to volunteer in our team. We also get help from a Christian pharmacist (Sir Lito) in Tacloban. We have done two medical missions with Dr. Apita and her team of nurses and midwives. There is an outbreak of diarrhea and the purpose of these missions was to assess the scope of this outbreak. We invited all these patients with diarrhea to our clinic and also informed them about diarrhea/cholera. In this village, we gave vaccinations to newborns. There is a baby boom in the town of Borongan; so there were a lot babies! They are vaccinated here quite often, simply because there are many diseases that are virtually non-existent in the West.

Arianne setting up a medical clinic in remote mountain village


                                           Treating the sick freely