FZS in Switzerland

As anti-Semitism is again on the rise in Europe, there are many in Switzerland and in Europe who are sensing a prophetic urgency to begin preparing practically for Jews who will need to flee again under persecution. With this heart, we at For Zion’s Sake desire to be “Bridges of Blessing” for those who have been traumatized by suffering! Thus, we have established Haus Schönegg, an Alpine house where we host groups of Holocaust survivors, terror victims, and wounded IDF soldiers for rest, rehabilitation, and fellowship in a tiny Swiss village hidden away in the Alps. 

 We give ourselves 100% to blessing our special guests while they are with us, showering them with the love and attention they need for peaceful rest and rehabilitation. To date, we have hosted 12 different groups at Haus Schonegg…


Groups of Holocaust survivors, terror victims, and wounded soldiers FZS has hosted…

20160619_062118Holocaust Survivors we hosted this summer in 2016


We were blessed to host another group of Holocaust Survivors from Haifa at Haus Schönegg in Switzerland for one week this summer. We had a wonderful time living together and the fellowship was both touching and inspiring. The Survivors were willing to share their testimonies at any opportunity and on one such occasion at a church gathering, the press showed up and they were featured in the local newspaper.

Please pray for our next group of Survivors which we are organizing to join us at the end of 2016…



Twice each year, GAiN (Global Aid Network) sends work teams from Holland to help in the repair and maintenance of Haus Schönegg because they share in the vision of blessing Holocaust survivors, wounded soldiers, terror victims and preparing a place of refuge. We always share special times of fellowship together, along with some exciting activities and fun adventures on their days off.

A recent GAiN team with mascots

Painting the outside of Haus Schonegg

To date, GAiN teams have provided us with a new kitchen, painted the exterior of the house, remodeled and repaired many of the decaying rooms, all while serving joyfully in their labors of love. We recognize that all of the time, hard work and building material they have graciously provide us with is a major financial blessing for us and we are so thankful for their service!

“Comfort, comfort my people,”says your God. (Is. 40:1)

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matt. 11:28)