FZS clothing distribution outreach is really the heart of our ministry where each week many new immigrants and needy Israelis come to our distribution center for clothing and other necessities  that we receive from donors in Europe and the US.

And as a result of high immigration, there is also a steady flow of “Olim” who visit our FZS distribution center in Jerusalem. They come to us from all over the world for help with the necessities of starting life over in Israel. It is our joy and privilege to have direct contact with these newly arriving Olim during our clothing and aid distribution days at our center. Here we are presented with many opportunities to share His love both through giving and our testimony as believers!

Many of the people including young families we serve have literally just arrived in Israel and visit us sometimes within days of their “Aliyah”. Most are in need of just the basics necessities for starting life over in their new home. As you listen to the stories below, keep in mind that some are fleeing the rising tide of anti-Semitism and conflict such as in the Ukraine, parts of Europe and other threatening areas around the world. It is during these times of outreach that we are often able to share the love of the Lord with those who come to us for assistance.

Here are a few photos and video interviews the many Olim families that come to us for humanitarian assistance during our clothing and aid distribution days at our FZS center in Jerusalem…