FZS Blesses Wounded Soldiers

Wounded IDF Soldiers, who have bravely fought Israel’s battles and paid the price with their minds, bodies, and souls have also become an important priority of FZS outreach. It is through your support, we are able to comfort and bring Hope to these young men and women through our different programs.       

Hospital visits are one way that we first connect with the soldiers and this is where we try and bring encouragement, prayer and better assess their condition.


                                                         Visiting wounded soldiers in hospitals all over Israel


                                                                              Wounded Soldiers are never left alone


                                                                            Wounded Soldiers rehabilitation center

So far, we have sponsored five groups of wounded soldiers at the Schonegg House for rest and rehabilitation. It is during these intimate times we are able to show the love of Yeshua as they literally become part of our family.  Also, because of this project, we have developed a wonderful working relationship with the Israeli Embassy in Bern and the Dept. Of Defense in Israel who recommends the soldiers to us. There is already a long list of soldiers hoping to be chosen for future visits. 


                                                         Many groups like this visit Haus Schonegg for rest and recovery