Analysis: Hamas attack tunnels remain the greatest threat to Israel

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The IDF destroyed the last of the tunnels uncovered in the Gaza war on Monday, however Hamas continues to rebuild and improve what it knows is a vital strategic asset. The IDF's controlled explosion of a tunnel on Monday is a symbolic act that completes the achievement of one of the most important goals of last summer's Gaza war - the destruction of some 30 Hamas attack tunnels.    The tunnel, located near the Gaza border in the area of the Karni crossing, some three kilometers...

Israel's global standing not so bleak after all

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True, Israel’s position in the international arena is difficult – but it has always been so. “The world is against us” is a theme that will be heard time and time again throughout this election campaign.   Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Right will play on this theme as proof as to why the country needs somebody like Netanyahu to eloquently and articulately stand up to the world and protect Israel’s interests.   And Labor head Isaac Herzog and Hatnua’s Tzipi Livni will...

Comment: Why is the Obama Administration provoking Israel?

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If the senior Obama officials who spoke to Jeffrey Goldberg were not authorized to make statements and took it upon themselves to do so, they should be fired. A senior Obama administration official recently went on the record with journalist Jeffrey Goldberg in calling Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “chickenshit.”  A second senior official also went on the record calling Netanyahu a “coward” on the issue of Iran’s nuclear threat.    If these reports are...

The world must understand Israel

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Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is no friend to Israel. In any Israel-Palestinian confrontation, whatever the circumstances, he invariably takes the part of the Palestinians. It was no surprise, therefore, to hear President Erdogan condemning Israel for the recent fighting against Hamas in Gaza. What he said was: “The Palestinians killed one Israeli child. And the Israelis retaliated by killing 240 Palestinian children.” As though Israel’s purpose had been to kill 240 Palestinian...

A letter to Obama

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An address to the US president on the situation in the Middle East, Hamas and the UN Human Rights Council.

Dear President Barack Obama,   You are the leader of the free world. Here in the Middle East, where we live, freedom is running out.

Countries and entire regions are falling into the hands of brain-washed, hate-filled extremists, who slaughter anyone who doesn’t think the same way they think or agree with all their religious beliefs. Look at what’s happening in...

Special: Psychological warfare between Hamas and Israel

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In ongoing conflict between Israel, Hamas what is counted is not the number of bodies, but the amount of fear and despair that each side succeeds to instill in the hearts and minds of its enemy.

Monday night July 14: Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV is broadcasting the speech of top figure and former Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh live from Gaza. As Haniyeh speaks about the “victories” of the resistance, some viewers in Gaza see Arabic writing on their televisions: “Tomorrow there will...

Amnesty Investigator Admits: Palestinian 'Witnesses' Often Lie

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Article by Amnesty field researcher seemingly backs Israeli concerns that NGOs simply swallowing Palestinian narrative.

An article penned last month by a field investigator for rights group Amnesty International has been raising questions about how NGOs report on the Arab-Israeli conflict, after she admitted that Palestinian witnesses regularly lie to investigators.   Donatella Rovera's article was published by Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP), and...

'Israel's missile-defense system could crumble at the moment of truth'

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Dr. Nathan Faber, an expert on anti-ballistic-missile defense, questions the efficacy of Israel's tiered-defense concept in an all-out war on several fronts, citing financial and operational reasons.

In a piercing, informative and opinionated article based on data, Dr. Nathan Faber criticized the Israeli missile-defense concept ("tiered defense") this week. The conclusion of Dr. Faber's article, published on the Magen Laoref ("Homefront Shield") foundation's...